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Lipsense Review

Monday, May 1, 2017

I'm sure you've heard of LipSense, it's pretty much all over Facebook and several of my girlfriends use it. I was first introduced to LipSense at my friends Gabby and Price's wedding. I wasn't in the wedding, but I was kind of like mini assistant to everyone; touching up their hair and makeup, making sure Gabby had everything she needed. It was honestly so much fun! In the midst of all the makeup madness, one of the bridesmaids had on the prettiest pink-nude lip color. She told me it was LipSense and she'd try it on me if I wanted. I ended up loving the color, but because I had lipstick on already, it didn't get applied correctly and cracked on my lips. But I kid you not after a night full of eating and drinking, celebrating the lovebirds, the color was still on my lips the next day.

I honestly forgot about LipSense until a few months later, my good friend Keely asked me if I wanted to try it out. I got the color "Lexie Bear-y", a really pretty wine color, to give it a second shot--this time applied correctly!

I've got to say, I was skeptical what the results would be since it cracked last time, but once I read the instructions I understood why!

"LipSense is not a stain, it doesn't penetrate the skin and go into the bloodstream. LipSense is a patented molecular bond, meaning it sticks to your skin and that is why you have to have clean and dry lips, so that the pigment can stick to them with patented technology.

The formula uses SD40 alcohol. It is thinner than water and after you apply the product, the SD40 alcohol dissipates quickly, only leaving the color in place.  If you experience burning or tingling, it means your lips are dehydrated; the skin is damaged leaving nerve endings exposed.

The patent is in the color, it would stay on without the gloss, but the gloss is the moisture. There is no  moisture value in the color. It is a system that works together."

So hopefully knowing this info helps you understand a bit about the product before use.

How To Apply:
1. Apply to clean, dry lips (Witch Hazel is what they suggest to clean your lips)
2. Shake tube thoroughly
3. Wipe off excess products
4. With parted lips, place applicator on the corner of bottom lip
5. In sweeping motion, apply a thing layer with a light hand to the other corner of your mouth
6. Repeat on upper lip
7. Let first layer dry (VERY IMPORTANT) Complete steps two more times (for a total of three coats)
8. Let third layer dry; then apply your gloss
*Any other gloss or product will break down the color*
9. Rub lips together and enjoy the magic
10. Gloss throughout the day as needed

Some additional tips that I learned through trial and error. It's very important you let you use a light hand. Applying too much per layer will result in it gooping up. Remember, you're putting on a total of three layers of color, you don't need to get it super thick the first coat. Kind of like nail polish. It's also very important that you let it dry completely between each layer. When you buy the starter kit you get one color, the gloss, and the Oops! Remover. The Oops is great if you mess up on a corner or go outside the lines, lol! You can see where I did in my picture. It's more noticeable with the darker shades too. I did experience burning with mine when I applied it. As said above, this means my lips are damaged.

One of the things LipSense warns is that using wax products is bad for your lips. Basically the wax just builds up on your skin, rather than actually healing your lips. I haven't been able to wean myself off of other lip products yet though!

Now for the important part, does it work?? YEP. *When applied correctly* I tested this out at home Saturday. With zero makeup  (so excuse my pictures haha) on other than my Lexie Bear-y LipSense, my boyfriend thought I was insane lol! I put it on that morning and went about my normal day. Eating, drinking, brush my teeth, etc. It didn't come off at all. I could give our puppy kisses without worrying about branding him. I also got the color I loved from my friend wedding, Bravo. I also got First Love. One of the cool things about LipSense is you can mix any colors to form new colors.

I definitely want to try more colors. A the matte gloss too! Let me know what you think in the comments or if you have questions!



January Favorites + HUGE Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Sale

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hey guys! So today I am sharing some of the products I got around Christmas and really liked! First things first, Bath & Body Works is having a HUGE sale on all of their holiday scents right now. I mean lotion for $3?? You cannot pass that up. Stock up on your favorite scents or gifts for next Christmas. Some scents are sold out in certain products so act fast. I am a big fan of the Fresh Sparkling Snow scent and ended up trying all of the products in that line after loving the Creamy Body Wash so much. You can also get 50% off select hand soaps, up to 50% off select 3-wick candles, and signature body care for $3.75 and up.

Bath & Body Works Shea and Vitamin E lotion in sold out online but I love the Winter Candy Apple 
and right now it is $3!
Ultra Shea Body Cream in Fresh Sparkling Snow  only $3.25 right now!

I also got this awesome gift set from First Aid Beauty
The set is $48 (and $95 value) and includes their:
- Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration
- Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum
- Face Cleanser
- Facial Radiance Pads
- Ultra Repair Intensive Lip Balm

My favorites are definitely the Ultra Repair Cream and Ultra Repair Intensive Lip Balm. These products are so deeply moisturizing and perfect for winter (well the short and sweet winter we get in Texas) And I love how you get a giant tub of the Ultra Repair Cream (normally $48 all by itself) I like all of the other products as well but First Aid Beauty's hydration products seem to stand out the most to me. I am probably least impressed with the serum, I don't see much difference from using it. I would also highly recommend trying their Oatmeal Mask. Sephora has a couple other gift sets with this brand as well.

Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins and brush

So if you surf Instagram often I am sure you have seen a post on Sugar Bear Hair gummy vitamins. The Kardashians and other celebs have no shame in promoting them. I actually was pretty wary of these but have heard good things, so was excited when I got these in my Christmas stocking to try out. And it came with this cute wooden brush and some stickers. Supposedly you have to use the vitamins daily for three months to really see a difference. You take two a day and they are honestly yummy! So far I am only on month one, so I will update you guys on if I think they are worth the money. You can get one months supply for $30, 3 months for $83 or 6 months for $162. These vitamins are gluten free, gelatin free and vegetarian.

From the website:

Here at SugarBearHair, we strive for maximum safety and maximum results. Our products are manufactured in the USA in facilities that use FDA approved guidelines to ensure quality and safe products for your peace of mind. We used only the best ingredients available to ensure an effective product that looks great, smells great and tastes great too! Most importantly, everyone is saying "It works!".

SugarBearHair Ingredients: Our vegetarian vitamins contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin B-6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B-12, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Iodine, Zinc, Choline, Inositol, as the active vitamins and minerals. The gummies are made with real berries for a deliciously sweet flavor, coconut oil, and a dash of sugar.

What Do SugarBearHair Vitamins Do?
SugarBearHair gives you everything you need to grow the healthiest longest hair possible, it does this by:
  • Growing longer and stronger hair
  • Nourishing your hair from within
  • Improving overall health
  • Increasing hair strength
  • Improving hair elasticity
  • Stopping hair breakage
So do these little blue bears actually work? I just cut my hair so it will be a fresh start. Stay tuned and I will let you know! :)

Preteen Friendly Makeup + Skincare

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I was recently asked for some suggestion on makeup products for a preteen and I thought what a great blog post topic that would make. A lot of girls start to take interest in makeup and beauty around their junior high years. I know I personally was not allowed to wear anything until I was in seventh grade. If this is something your pre-teen or teenager has expressed interest in, I hope this post is helpful! There are several factors to keep in mind when picking out a young woman's first makeup. To me I take into consideration: budget friendly, age appropriate, easy for beginners, and trendy. No 12-year-old really needs makeup that is $50 or bright red lipstick to wear daily. But keep in mind that she also has an idea in her head of what is "cool" and in right now and what she is picturing may be very different than what mom has in her makeup bag. I'm going to cover all areas, but before I get into the makeup part I wanted to stress the importance of skincare and teaching your daughter/sister/niece/granddaughter the importance of it.

Skincare Routine


I remember my junior high years well, and I suffered from breakouts, like every other teen. Proactive was my best friend until it stopped working. If your teen suffers from acne this is completely normal, but the harsh reality is that makeup can worsen it. If your teen is going to start wearing makeup it is really important to make sure she is taking proper care of her skin. Along with makeup clogging pores, most girls participate in athletics, cheer, or some type of sport. Sweat + makeup = a bad time! Here are my tips as well as my recommended products. For a more in-depth skincare post read my post Emergency Skincare. And a little disclaimer, not everything will work for everyone. We all have different skin. If your teen already has a skincare routine then that is fantastic. Use whatever works for you personally.

1. Makeup wipes are your best friend. I prefer Target's Up brand. These are the first wipes I have  found that completely remove all my makeup in one cloth. e.l.f. is another great option. Neutrogena is great, but a little pricey for how fast I go through a pack. Another great idea is to buy in bulk at Sam's or Costco. There are other makeup removing options like oils, but wipes seem to be the most effective and convenient method. Use these before cleansing at night and throw a pack in her gym bag so she can remove her makeup before practice.

2. A gentle, daily face wash. My go-to drugstore face wash is and will forever be CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser. It was recommended by my dermatologist and I have used it for years. Make sure she is using this every morning and evening, but also right after practice or a game when she sweats.

3. Keep pillowcase, phone, and makeup brushes clean. Keep hands off face/avoid picking. Make sure that her pillow case is getting washed at least once a week. Sanitize cellphones with a clorox wipe and clean those makeup brushes every two weeks. There is a simple trick to cleaning brushing on my Drugstore Dupes 2 post.

4. Spot treatment. Everyone's skin is different, and what works for some may not for others, but this is one of my favorite drugstore products for spot treating acne. Neutrogena On The Spot Acne Treatment .

5. Moisturize. As we age and with the use of more skincare products, our face tends to dry out. Harsh products can strip our face of oils, both good and bad, so its important to hydrate skin so that it doesn't overproduce oil, causing even more breakouts. My favorite is Garnier Gel Moisturizer. 

Starting Her Basic Makeup Kit


1. BB Cream or Mineral Powder

A BB cream is a great option for someone who is just starting to wear makeup. It's not as heavy as foundation but will still give good coverage without looking cakey. This page has the best drugstore BB creams and details what each one is best for. 7 Best Drugstore BB Creams

The other direction I would suggest is using a light mineral powder. Some people are not fans of liquid makeups and foundations and powder is their preference.  I would suggest NYX, L'Oreal (this is what I use), or Neutrogena.But there are several good drugstore powders. If your teen has oily skin, she may want to use a sheer powder over a BB cream.

2. Concealer

Concealer is basically magic, just teach your teen that it is for concealing blemishes and tiny imperfections, not covering the entire face. All it takes is a dab and a little goes a LONG way. At this link there are several great drugstore options. Best Drugstore Concealers. I don't recommend the stick concealers (the kind that looks like it's in a lipstick tube) To me they go on thicker and chalkier. 

3. Mascara or Clear Mascara

This one is debatable based on personal preferences, but I suggest skipping out on eyeliner and instead teaching how to use mascara. Maybe I'm biased because eyelashes are my favorite beauty feature to enhance. I have an entire post on mascaras including drugstore options! Let's Talk Lashes Post. If you don't think your are ready to give mascara yet, clear mascara is what I started out with. (I thought I was hot s*** too!) It's a great way to learn how to apply it before diving in completely. Covergirl and Maybelline both make this and it runs about $4.

4. Lip balm or lip gloss

 By now, most girls have had their share of  Lip Smackers and Baby Lips, and maybe even a few hand-me-downs from mom. It's time to give your girl something a little more grown up and special. NYX and Maybelline both make great lip glosses that have several shades. Stick to nudes, soft pinks, and rosey colors.

5. Highlight/Contour (Fun Stuff)

Go to any Instagram makeup page or beauty blogger's YouTube channel and I guarantee the words "highlight" and "contour" are going to pop up. This is a fun beauty trend used to really shape your face and exemplify your features how you want. Contour is all about shaping your face. Making your cheek bones more prominent, or your nose to appear more narrow. Highlighting is adding shine where the sun/light would naturally hit your face. Another fun trend is color correcting. This is when you use colored makeup to balance certain flaws. Green helps to correct redness, while orange helps to cover dark circles. None of this is really needed in young pretty skin, but I can promise your teen will be interested in these makeup techniques. Here are some budget friendly products for them to play around and learn with.

Things To Avoid

1. Harsh, dark, or bright lipsticks. With the exception of dance and cheer competitions, I would stay away from brick red lipsticks or anything too bright or dark.
2. Heavy eyeliner or eyeshadow. If I had the opporunity to go back and talk to 13-year-old Lindsey I would tell her two things. Stop slicking your hair back, you look like a boy and heavy eyeliner on top and bottom is NOT cute. Skip the liner and use mascara instead for an open-eyed fresh face. If she really wants liner, only apply on the top lid in a nice thin line. When I was in high school, dark smokey eyeshadow was the big thing. Now when I look back at photos we look like a bunch of racoons. Stick to neutrals or skip eyeshadow for now.

3. Bright pink blush. Remember this is a young lady, not a little girl. Bright flushed cheeks are good for ballet and pageants, not for school or every day.

4. Over-plucking brows. One more thing I would like to discuss with my teenage self is ruining my eyebrows. My oldest sister has the most beautiful natural brows! Avoid over waxing or plucking, she will be so grateful when she's older. Of course, still do basic brow grooming, just don't go crazy. If your teen has thinner or blonde eyebrow she may want to fill them in. I suggest an eyebrow powder or brow gel rather than a pencil as it is easy to get heavy handed. Filling in brows will be a more challenging technique to learn.


What age should pre-teens be allowed to start wearing makeup? This is totally up to you as a parent. If you are reading this for your sibling, niece, or granddaughter, etc. be sure that you have mom and dad's ok first. Everyone is different and some girls don't express any interest in makeup, which is totally ok!

Share your wisdom. Teach some basic techniques as well as going over hygiene. Remind them not to share with friends to avoid nasty breakouts or styes and to clean makeup brushes and replace old stuff.

Gift a cute makeup bag. If you are starting them out, include everything in a cute little makeup bag to make it more personal and organized.

Make it fun!  This is a really exciting milestone for some girls. You may be thinking, its just makeup its not that serious, or that teens are too young to start wearing it. Everyone opinions will differ and that is perfectly ok. I would not push for anyone to wear makeup who was not interested. These are basics for a teen who is ready and excited to get her first makeup. And always remember, makeup is not for covering up, being fake, or hiding things. It is used to enhance the natural features that God blessed you with and it is supposed to be fun! I hope you found this useful, please feel free to ask any questions or share your thoughts! Don't forget to subscribe so you never miss a post and can get new posts sent directly to your inbox! OH and the best honor of this post, I bring you, Makeup Disasters of My Youth. And this is just what I found on Facebook. Thank goodness MySpace is gone! Haha!!


Bath and Body Works Cream Body Wash

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Growing up I was almost always staying at my friend Brittney's house on Fridays after cheering at football games and I remember her shower being stocked with a new B&BW shower gel every time. At my house we usually had something simple like Suave so I would be so excited to try the new fragrances she had. I think I have however, gotten B&BW works gift sets every Christmas for as long as I can remember (what girl hasn't honestly) and the sets would include a lotion, body mist, and shower gel. If I had my say, I would bring back the Art's Stuff collection from the 90s. Glitter shower gel, the body mist with the little squishy circles in it, foaming body wash, ROLL ON BODY glitter. And let's not forget Cucumber Melon! Who remembers these?? I even had my membership card, which I guarantee is somewhere at my mom's house still (I have hoarding issues) Give me all the roll on glitter back! Now days I still love and use B&BW products, but their candles are by far my absolute favorite! However, I am so excited for two new releases. Whipped Shimmer Body Mousse and Creamy Body Wash.

The Whipped Body Mousse brings that nostalgic feeling from the old foam body wash. I tried a sample in the store and it feels amazing, but have not purchased it yet. I did purchase the Creamy Body wash in the fragrance Fresh Sparkling Snow. I used it last night and I love it so far! It's a creamy wash with a great lather and left my skin feeling soft and clean. And I LOVE the Fresh Sparkling Snow scent so I may have to try it in other products. Other holiday scents I found I love are Champagne Toast, Sparkling Wood (which for some reason is not online), Mahogany Teakwood, Flannel, and Marshmallow Fireside. For winter I prefer woodsy and strong scents over the super sweet vanillas. I would definitely recommend these new products if you are looking for stocking stuffers or a gift for a coworker. :) I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thank you for taking the time to read.


Not a paid sponsor. All opinions are my own!

The Perfect Bubble Bath

Thursday, August 25, 2016

One of my favorite things in the world is a good, hot bubble bath. I cannot comprehend people who don't like baths. I could live a perfectly happy life from my bathtub, equipped with a good book and a glass bottle of wine. (I really need one of those bath tray things in my life.) As an experienced bath taker I am happy to share with y'all that I have nailed down all of the best products to make your bubble bath session as lovely and relaxing as possible.

**All of the headers are links to the products**

Bubble Bath

LUSH makes some really great products for almost any skin or hair care need you could possibly have. My favorites though, are their bubble bars and bath bombs! I have this bubble bar, except mine is just a different shape. You only need to break off a tiny piece for each bath, so you will get several uses out of it. Put the whole bubble bar in and you may end up with an entire bathroom filled with bubbles. Break off a small chunk and throw it in the tub as you run your water. It is way more powerful than any bubble bath I've ever used. Pro-tip: very good for Santa Claus bubble beards.  

Bath Bombs

I love LUSH's bath bombs but a small shop in Arkansas changed the whole game for me. Bathhouse Soapery is a handmade soap, bath and beauty company making fresh cosmetics in Hot Springs, Arkansas. My boyfriend and I were window shopping and I could literally smell how amazing this place smelled from outside. They make soap loafs and slices (they are so pretty!), bath salts, bombs, scrubs, creamers and oils. Even deodorant, perfume, candles, lotion and shaving stuff. They seriously had everything. Every scent was so unique and sooo amazing it was hard to even choose. I ended up getting a few bath bombs which are only $6 each! My skin has never felt so soft as it did after using one of their bath bombs and the aromas actually came out and did not go away immediately like LUSH's seem to do. It was truly pampering and I can't wait to try more of their products. My favorite scents are Hot Southern Mess (of course), Hot Springs, and Gypsy.

 Sugar Scrub

If you don't exfoliate, girlfriend we need to have a talk. At least once a week, or twice if you live in the sweaty South, you should scrub down with an exfoliater to remove dead skin cells on the surface of your body. Don't scrub too hard, you don't want to damage your healthy skin, use gentle, circular motions and let the product do its work. I like Tree Hut's Sugar Scrub because it is made with whole sugar grains, shea nut oil, and Vitamin C. There are no acids or harsh chemicals so I feel safe using this on my skin often. There are several scents and you can grab this at Ulta, or for my Texas girls, HEB carries it! I always use it right before shaving, or when my skin is peeling from too much sun.

Body Wash

 So I actually use Nature Well's Coconut oil body wash for two things. As a wash and to shave with. This has a very faint scent, think Aveeno's products, it is very mild. So don't expect a fruity coconut smell. However, this is a great was for sensitive skin and is so moisturizing. It's not thick at all which is why I like to shave with it. It won't clog your razor.


I like my baths steaming hot, so it's no brainer that things will get a little sweaty on you scalp or face. I always remove my makeup first when I'm going to take a hot bath. Nobody wants sweaty makeup clogging their pores when they are trying to relax, am I right? I love to use makeup wipes and then this cleanser at night. I've blogged about this cleanser before in my Emergency Skin Care post. I know it is a little on the pricier side but I promise I will never recommend a product that I don't truly love. Tula's cleanser has seriously changed my skin. I used to get so oily during the day and would have to blot my face constantly or reapply my makeup. Between using this cleanser and my L'Oreal Pro Matte foundation, my makeup looks great throughout my entire 8-hour work day. My skin looks and feels so much healthier since I started using their wash and moisturizer. Join their mailing list, because they usually offer different sets that consist of smaller sizes to try for cheaper.

A Good Candle

This isn't necessary for your bath, but it makes it so much more relaxing. As you can see from the picture, it's already half way burned down. I love candles. Something about them is just so calming. Bath and Body Works makes my favorite scent, EVER. Wine Cellar. Go smell this candle ASAP and tell me it's not incredible. Something about it reminds me of something that I have yet to put my finger on, but I have already bought this candle three times. My other favorite scent by B&BW is Bow Ties and Bourbon but it was discontinued. (Which I just discovered in writing this post and had a fit since mine is almost gone) B&BW social media strategist, if you're reading this, PLEASE BRING BOW TIES AND BOURBON BACK. I need it, haha!


This lotion is actually how I found the Nature Well body wash. I have only purchased it at SAM's Club, but it is available online at Walmart as well. This lotion is so great in so many ways. Again it has a mild scent. I really don't like an overpowering flowery lotion. It's just too much. The consistency is very thick, more like that of a body butter than a lotion but it's not greasy at all and absorbs so quickly. I hate applying a lotion and then an hour later you already feel dry again. This one keeps me moisturized yet never greasy. I also love that it comes in a tub instead of a pump. That way I can use every last drop!

Body Mist

I don't always use body mist but occasionally I like to spray myself after a shower or bath. I already smell clean, but this makes me smell REALLY clean. Hence the name, Fresh and Clean! This is also a great spray to throw in your bag or purse in the travel size when you just need a little something. 

A Fluffy or Silky Robe

Every girl, everyONE needs a comfy robe. Whether you just hopped out of the bath, are putting your makeup on, or are straight up lounging a comfy robe is the most convenient and comfortable attire. I have had this fluffy polka dot robe from Aegean Apparel for years. It was a Christmas gift, and honestly the most use I've ever gotten out of a gift. It's the softest thing ever, and so warm on chilly mornings in the winter. I would live in this robe if it was socially acceptable. I always gets dirty from me wearing it while I do my makeup and I can just throw it in the washing machine and it looks brand new. $50 is not bad in my opinion for something I've had for years that has zero damage or wear to it. They don't make my multi-colored one anymore because it is so old, but I am loving this hot pink one that I linked. 

And because robes are so comfy, and a girl's gotta have options, I also have a silky kimono robe from Victoria's Secret! Mine is leopard and so incredibly comfy. This one is very cooling because of the silk so it is more ideal for summer months or when you're blow drying your hair. 

Optional but high encouraged: 

A glass of wine, a great book, music, or a pint of ice cream ; ) 
P.S. This gelato will be my demise. It is SO GOOD and you can get it at HEB. Southern Butter Pecan is my favorite. Beware, it is dangerous. 

My wooden hanger with antique knobs is from Hobby Lobby!

Thank you for reading! Feel free to share my posts with the button at the end of each post at any time. Make sure you never miss a post by subscribing to the blog or following me on Instagram. Both links are in the side bar. May all your bubble baths be blessed and relaxing!

All photos are my own.

Pretty In Pink

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

You can never have too many lipsticks or glosses. At least that's my motto! And you can never go wrong with pink; it's flattering on everyone. I wanted to share three of my favorite pink lip products with y'all. These are all very different, but all equally pretty!

YSL Oil-In-Lip Lipstick Rouge Volupte Shine 

in Nude Lavalliere - pinkish brown $37

For a natural, every day lip: This is an oil-in-lipstick so it is not as pigmented as a normal lipstick. The shade Nude Lavalliere is described as a pinkish brown online, but on my swatch you can see just how light the pink really is. The consistency almost reminds me of a tinted lip balm. It is a medium coverage, high-shine lipstick that keeps my lips super soft and moisturized. If you like a natural lip, this shade is really pretty. If you want more pigment or color I would recommend not getting the oil-in-lipstick, but the regular. 

MAC Satin Lipstick

in Snob- light neutral pink $17

For the perfect girly pink: If you have been looking for a girly girl pink that's both flattering and full coverage, THIS is the lipstick for you. Mac Snob is the perfect pink. It's not too neon or over the top, it's just the right pink. It looks lighter on my lips than it does on my arm swatch. This lipstick pairs perfectly with Mac's Hip 'N' Happy lip liner. Snob is a neutral pink and Hip 'N' Happy has blue undertones. This is my favorite feminine looking lip combo.

 Lorac Alter Ego Lipgloss

in Girl Next Door- light coral $16

For date night: And lastly, Lorac's Alter Ego gloss in Girl Next Door. This lipgloss is so pigmented, you barely need one coat. It is slightly sticky, but not too bad to where it's uncomfortable. Girl Next Door is a light coral, pink that is so flattering on all skin tones. I think it would especially pop and look great on someone with darker skin. I don't wear a liner with this one. Sometimes I will do a nude lipstick and then layer this gloss on top to get a more neutral pink. This gloss has a great shine as well.

Here are sine swatches in different lighting. 

From left to right: YSL, MAC, LORAC

What are some of your favorite lipsticks or glosses? Have a product you would like me to review? Comment below or email me, I am always looking for new products to try!
Thank you for reading and don't forget to subscribe in the right-hand menu or follow me on Instagram so you never miss a post! 


All photos are my own.

Kylie Lip Kit Swatches & Review

Monday, August 15, 2016

I couldn't help myself. I know, I know, everyone hates on the Kardashians and the Jenners and I'm just helping them make more money, right?? I don't care! You're totally lying to yourself if you say you weren't intrigued when Kylie, notorious for her big ole' smoochers, came out with a lip line.

There was a lot of bad feedback, so I was hesitant and didn't purchase the first couple of batches. Not to mention these little boogers are not cheap, but after all the drama and her correcting the applicator, I finally caved. If you are familiar with the Kylie Lip Kit, then you know these babies sell out literally within minutes after they go online. I follow Kylie on Snapchat where she will give out heads ups on new releases, so I was patiently waiting by my laptop for the new release. It actually wasn't as hard to get as I thought. I think the hype had slowed down a lot more by this time. 

I ended up with:

 Kandy K Matte Liquid Lipstick which comes with the Kandy K Liner

Heir Metal Matte Lipstick

and So Cute Gloss

I got my package after work one day and immediately tried them all. I'm gonna be honest, I was not impressed upon my initial application. However, it was the end of the day, my makeup was all blah, and I applied in a hurry. I decided to wait to try each when I was applying my makeup for the day so I could give it a fair chance. 

First let's take a look at the swatches, and then I'll go over my thoughts on each individually. And side note- I tried to take some pictures of my lips wearing each for y'all, but omg close-up pictures of my mouth are not something the world needs to see. You can see every pore and tiny facial hair and it just not cute and you guys did not need to be subjected to that torture. Another thing is lip colors can often look different depending on your skin tone and color of your lips. My lips are naturally a dark red and this will affect how the color looks on me. So my arm swatches will have to do!


From left to right: Kandy K liner, Kandy K, Heir, So Cute


Kandy K Liner

Alright so there are the swatches shown under a few different lightings.You get the idea.
First things first, the liner looks way darker on my arm than it does my lips, and this is a couple of lines overlapping to get the full color. I actually really like the color of the liner. It blends well with several of my rosey and nude lipsticks. 

 And honestly...BEST lip liner I have ever used. I am an avid user of MAC's lip products and always thought that theirs were the best. Well, shoot, this liner knocks it out of the park. It applies so smoothly and stays on really well. Like I said, it blends with many different shades so this has been my go-to liner lately.  When I first got all my products, the lip liners were only sold with the liquid lip kits. Now you can buy the Kylie liners separately. Now if only it wasn't $14.

Kandy K

Kandy K is super pigmented. It only takes one coat to fully cover your lips. It's the perfect mixture of like a rosey pink. I did notice that Kandy K dries a lot darker than it goes on wet. So picture it on your lips more the color of the lip liner. My favorite part about Kandy K is it stays on SO well. I seriously had to scrub my arm until it was red after this because that particular swatch did not want to come off. Remember it is a matte lip so not only does it dry darker, but it also will have a dry matte finish and is not going to be shiny or glossy in any way. This is the second liquid lip I've ever used. The first was a bright Beyonce red for Halloween when I was Sandy from Grease. I think the formula of this one is really impressive. I haven't been wearing it much this summer, it's just a little too dark for me right now. But I plan to use it often this fall and as we get in Texas, slightly colder fall.


Heir is from the Metal Matte collection. This is the one I was probably the most excited to try. Kylie had posted photos of all her friends wearing it at a music festival and it looked so glittery and shiny and magical. Unicorns wear this lipstick. As you can tell in the swatch, this one is way less pigmented than Kandy K. But the color is so gorgeous. It's definitely very coral on the lips, so if you're not a fan of orange tones then this one may not be for you. I definitely feel like I need to bleach my teeth before wearing this one. It drys matte like Kandy K, but this one still has shimmer to it. I don't think this one stays on as well as Kandy K either since it isn't as pigmented. I use the Kandy K liner with this one and it still blends well!

So Cute

This may be the thickest lip gloss I have ever used. Look at that swatch! It is so thick.  This was the one product I put on immediately and thought EW, is there glue on my lips?! Syrup?! I hated it! But now, I am in love...I don't wear the gloss on it's own. I apply a nude lipstick such as MAC's  Creme de Nude and then apply one layer of So Cute gloss. A little goes a long way. The color is the perfect nude without washing you out. I like the texture more now. It's not at all sticky or gross, in fact it's very creamy, but it is THICK.

Overall I really like the Kylie Lip collection. If you want to splurge on anything, I would recommend the liner most. I really want to try more colors in the future. It seems like they have worked out all of the errors in the line and now the quality of the products is really great. Let me know what you think of them if you have tried any or if you've found a good dupe for them! As always, thanks for taking the time to read!

All photos are my own.

NARS "Nordstrom's Best" Cheek Palette

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Happy Friday everybody! At last the glorious weekend is upon us! Sadly, it is also nearly time for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale to come to an end. Prices will go back up on Monday, August 8th. Have you been shopping the sale? I had to use all self control not to go crazy, but there was one item that I could not stay away from.

Behold in all it's glory, the NARS Cheek Palette

With four blushes, one highlighter, and one bronzer, this palette is valued at $124, but until August 8th is on sale for only $65! Keep in mind the price of one NARS blush alone is around $30. Now I will point out that these aren't full size in the palette. But the value is still great and if you're someone like me who uses multiple NARS face products and likes to change up blushes, this is a great investment. Plus it's nice to be able to just grab one palette for travel rather than hauling around three or four different compacts.

The packaging is traditional NARS, sleek and black. I really like how thin this palette is. My only dislike is that the outside gets so dirty, so fast. Like as soon as I touched it my fingerprints made a smudge and after using it the front already had powder all over it. Whoops.

Now for the best part, the colors! This palette includes blush shades Orgasm, Deep Throat, Luster, and Desire. It also includes their highlighter, Albatross, and bronzer, Laguna. NARS is known for having blushes and bronzers that are really flattering on almost all skintones. Most noteably Orgasm and Laguna. All of these are slightly shimmery so if you aren't a fan of shimmer this palette may not be for you.

I have tried out all of the blushes and Orgasm still remains my favorite. It's just the right amount of shimmer without looking over the top and the color looks great whether I'm sporting my normal Edward Cullen pale skin or a summer glow. Deep Throat is similar to Orgasm but lighter. Luster has a Copper tone to it and is also pretty shimmery. And Desire is a bright pink. Don't let Desire intimidate you. My first thoughts were no way can I wear this bright blush, however apply it in thin layers so you can control how much color you add on and it looks super soft and pretty.

For my highlighting I apply it under the eyes in an upside down triangle shape, the middle of my forehead, down the center of my nose strip, and then on the bottom middle of my chin. These are the places you want light to reflect off your face and it really helps to brighten the under-eye area. I hadn't used Albatross before and I was nervous it was going to be chalky white and make me look dead. Instead I was sooo pleased to swatch it and find out it's actually a glowy, shimmery, pearl color.

And last but certainly not least, Laguna! Aside from MAC's Matte Bronze, NARS Laguna is my favorite bronzer. I can't wear bronzers that are too orange or my face looks like a hot mess. And for some reason, almost all bronzers are really orange. Laguna is a deep brown but goes on lightly so that you can build your control or all over bronze to the perfect amount. It's so easy to overdo bronzer and end up looking like your face is dirty, but Laguna always goes on great. I use it to carve out my cheek bones, contour the sides of my nose, and on the top and sides of my forehead.

If you are still nervous about the brighter blush colors, or not a fan of highlight (I don't think that's possible but just in case) NARS also offers a mini blush/bronzer duo featuring Orgasm and Laguna for $24. This is what I usually would buy, before the palette came out.

I typically use Real Technique's brushes but how cute are these white and gold Sonia Kashuk Brushes!

When I went to Nordstrom they had already sold out of the palette in store, but I paid there and they ordered it online for me. Did I mention free shipping and returns? It only took four days to ship to me too. 

Do you love NARS blushes as much as me? What's your favorite shade? Let me know in the comments or message me in the side menu.
Have a great weekend!

Let's Talk Lashes!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Before I start this post I wanted to address a question I have been getting a lot lately. A lot of you have been asking how you can leave comments. Unfortunately, since Blogger is run by Google, you must be signed into a Gmail or a Google account to post a comment. If you don't have one, I still would love to get your questions, requests, or feedback! You can always message me from the email box on the side menu, or directly contact me at I check my email daily. I would love to hear from you! With that said...

I love all makeup, but mascara is BY FAR my favorite. I have long lashes but the tips are blonde, and without mascara on I feel like a 12-year-old boy. Mascara was one of the first few items of makeup I was allowed to wear and it took me years to get the hang of. I ultimately developed the routine of doing my mascara first so that I could wipe off all the black dots on my eyelids before I did the rest of my face. After plenty of practice, mascara coated Q-tips, and stabs to the eye I finally think I have the hang of it. Being left-handed doesn't hurt either because I have found that being ambidextrous can make life a lot easier in the makeup world. I can pretty much do my lashes without even looking and sometimes even do them at the red light on the way to work. (Don't do this) My eyelashes are one of my most complimented features and I get asked if they're real all the time, to which I never cease to be surprised because in my opinion they don't look that long. I blame this on one of my best friends, Brittney, whose natural lashes are longer and thicker than any lash extensions or falsies I've ever seen. I'm also the girl who will, without any hesitation, ask any waitress, sales associate, or girl at the bar what mascara she is wearing, because wow I need it in my life.

I love how lash extensions look but I just can't get myself to try them. Not only do they damage your natural lashes, but the cost is definitely not in this girl's budget right now. If I was Kylie Jenner, you bet I would have the longest, thickest set glued on my eyes every month. Until that day comes (LOL) I will stick to doing it the old fashioned way. Falsies are amazing but they are just not realistic for my daily routine. I know so many girls who they look completely natural on, but then when I wear them I feel like I have this giant black line of plastic on my eyes. I also think they are the itchiest things in the world.

I have tried tons of mascaras and like to get a different one from the drugstore every time I run out to see how it works. Over the years I have acquired several favorites. Each with its own benefits. Some of these are drugstore and less than $10 and some are the type of makeup you only treat yourself to every so often or give as a gift. I hope you find one that you love!

Maybelline Lash Sensational-$6

This is the mascara I am currently using and have been for the past few months. I use blackest black. What I like about this mascara is that it's really buildable but doesn't get clumpy. Maybelline actually has a mascara out right now called Collassal Spider Effect. The whole purpose is to get clumpy spider leg looking lashes and I almost laughed out loud when I realized the ad was real. Who in the world wants their lashes to look like that?? I thought we were trying to stay away from clumps?? Maybe it's a hit on the runway, but to me it looks like you just started wearing makeup. Anyways, rant over, and back to Lash Sensational! I like to apply one layer per eye at a time and alternate between the two. I probably use about three to four layers of it on each eye. To some this may be excessive, but I like to stretch my lashes out as long, as wide and THICK as I can. This mascara never flakes and is pretty water resistant but also easy to remove. If you jump in the pool you aren't going to come out with raccoon eyes unless you start rubbing them like crazy. It's one of those mascaras that comes off in clumps when you remove it rather than just a black pool of despair. You still need makeup remover or soap, but it won't take much.

Wand: Thick, curved

Benefit They're Real-$24

Benefit is another brand near and dear to my heart. The quality of their products is so consistent and they always have the cutest packaging. Appropriately named, They're Real will give your lashes serious length. If thickness is more what you are looking for I would suggest layering another mascara over this one. I used to apply They're Real to lengthen and separate and then Covergirl Lash Blast to thicken.

Wand: Normal, straight

Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiberlashes-$29

If you are an eyelash extremist this is your new favorite mascara. 3D Fiberlashes are a two-step process. The first tube contains a mascara, or transplanting gel as they call it. You apply this first to shape your lashes like you would any regular mascara. The second tube contains tiny fibers. You simply use the wand and apply like any other mascara and the tiny fibers will attach to your lashes, sticking to the gel. You can be subtle or go as crazy as you want. I recommend waiting between coats if you want to apply more. Focus on the ends of your lashes to add length, you will literally see the tiny fibers extending your lashes. For a thick appearance focus on the roots. After, apply another coat of the gel to seal the fibers. Now this is not required, but I like to add one coat of normal mascara to top it all off. To me I feel like it really "seals" everything in, but who knows if that's actually true. This mascara duo has given me the biggest lashes out of any products I use. However, it has to be ordered online or through a rep. The main con I have with this lashes is the tiny fibers do tends to flake off and would start to irritate my eyes.

Wand: Gel brush is thin and straight, fiber brush is very tiny and straight

Covergirl Lash Blast-$7

I have been using Lash Blast since I was in high school. This stuff got me through cheer tryouts, prom, graduation you name it. And I still sometimes go back to it to this day. This is one mascara you can never go wrong with. It lengthens, it thickens, and it is buildable. But it can get clumpy if you aren't careful about really separating your lashes. Covergirl has since made many variations of Lash Blast since then but don't be fooled. I have seen no major differences with the spin offs. Stick to the original.

Wand: Large

Lancome Hypnose Drama-$28

Lancome has a large line of mascaras, but Hypnose Drama is by far my favorite of the bunch. This is one of the most flawless finishes I have gotten from a mascara. No clumps and it separates wonderfully. You get fullness, you get length, it is the whole package. Only flaw is it is a little on the pricier side. One thing that stands out to me about this product is that it doesn't seem to dry out as fast as a lot of mascaras do. I hate it when I neglect to close a tube all the way or for no reason at all, my mascara gets dry and sticky and totally gross. This tube lasts me so much longer than drugstore mascaras. It is very true in this case that you get what you pay for.

Wand:Thin and curvy

L'Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara-$8

Telescopic is one of those trendy name havin' and weird tube shaped mascaras that draws you in for those exact reasons. They say don't judge a book by it's cover, but I pretty much pick out 90% of my makeup because of the adorable packaging. Not sorry about it because it seems to work out! Usually. So this mascara has a super thin wand and the brush is very bendy. As in, when I applied it to my lashes it would move around and give into the pressure. For top lashes this doesn't work well. At least not for me. I need a solid brush to help give my roots a lift and that can strongly separate and widen my lashes. BUT, for bottom lashes this is the bomb. I know not everyone does their bottom lashes so this may not be of interest to you. But I personally feel naked if I don't do mine, like something is missing. When MySpace was still a thing, I used to creep on the prettiest blonde girl with the craziest long and black lashes against ice blue eyes and snow skin. She didn't wear any liner, just thick mascara coating her top and bottom lashes so that they were both unbelievably long and I thought she was the most gorgeous person I had ever seen. Every since then I have always loved the look of bottom lashes in mascara. Because of how thin this brush is, it picks up every tiny lash without touching your under-eye skin and smudging. The flexibility allows you to manipulate them however you want.

Wand: Thin and flexible

Maybelline Define-A-Lash Lengthening Mascara-$9

This is another great drugstore mascara for a simple lash. It covers all the basics, but the strongest selling point on this mascara is that it separates lashes really well. The product itself is really smooth so it is a good one to either throw on one coat and be done or really build layers without getting clumpy.

Wand: Normal size, slightly curved

L'Oreal Paris Double Extended Mascara -$9

This is another two-step mascara. First apply the white nourishing mascara, then the actual mascara. The second step will grab onto the first layer and help to lengthen your lashes. This is a great no-clump mascara. And my favorite part is kind of weird, but when you wash your face the mascara will come off in little "tubes" off each lash individually, instead of a black smudge. SO easy to remove!

Wand: Double wand, both normal sized

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara-$23 

This is a great thickening and volumizing mascara. The wand is pretty big so be careful when applying not to make a mess all over your eyelids. This is a great buildable, and thick mascara but you really have to make sure you are not letting it get clumpy.

Wand: Large

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara-$27.50

Estee Lauder is not a brand I purchase often, it's pricier than most. However, I have loved most things I tried from them. I got this mascara along with some lipsticks, eyeshadows, and creams in a gift bundle. One of my grandmas gives me these each Christmas. (It's awesome) Anyways, out of all the products this mascara stood out to me BY FAR. It has a nice thick forumula that really lifts and lengthens your lashes. This is a great mascara to layer over any other mascaras.

Clinique High Impact Mascara-$18

This is one of the items that always comes with the Clinique bonus gift, in a travel size. Clinique's High Impact mascara has a thinner formula and I like it for a base mascara or layering one. It is very black and coats every baby lash. It gives me great length, especially on those tiny bottom lashes.

Wand: Small to normal size, straight

Let me know what your favorite mascaras are or if you love any of these too!

Emergency Skincare

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hormones, stress, lack of sleep, a week at the beach; so many factors can play into what causes skin to act up. Sometimes my skin gets so dry that I don't even want to wear makeup and every so often I get a crazy break out all over. Most recently, I had a BAD breakout from a week at the beach. Makeup, sweat, and sunscreen were too much for my pores and I got lazy with my morning and nightly face routines. I would be so excited to hit the beach in the morning and so exhausted at night. I'm human, it happens. But I'm talking big, under the skin, bulging pimples all over my chin and cheeks. Not. Cute. I pulled out all of my tricks to clear it up and that got me inspired to write a post on all the skin products I rely on to keep my face in check. These are the big dogs I whip out when things get nasty. Some of them are on the pricier side, but I also don't use all of these products on a daily basis. Here is every skincare product I have found to be effective for me, and have deemed them so brilliant I thought the world needed to know of their greatness. PLUS find out how to get a FREE full-sized face wash from TULA!

For skincare beauty on a budget check out my Drugstore Dupes Part 2 post.


For Breakouts

CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser-$10
I talked about this face wash in my Drugstore Dupes Part 2 post. This is my every day wash. It is gentle on the skin, was recommended by my dermatologist, and is inexpensive.

TULA Facewash -$28
I was introduced to the brand TULA through my favorite blog, Chronicles of Frivolity.  
I had seen her post about them before, but was intimated by the prices. This time around they were offering a kit that gave you the full size face wash, hydrating day & night cream, and exfoliating mask at a great price. I figured now was the time to try it since it was such a good deal. The big feature about TULA is the products contain probiotic technology to help balance your skin. I didn't notice any changes at first but after using it consistently at night for three months, I noticed my skin was getting less oily throughout the day and I wasn't breaking out or getting as many blackheads. It's pricey but you only need a tiny drop to wash your face and the same bottle has lasted me so long. Now I use CeraVe in the morning and TULA at night.

I was going to save this post for later on, but I just found out that TULA is giving away a FREE full-sized facewash with any purchase. Just use the code "freshface" at checkout! I already ordered mine. If you haven't already, now is the perfect time to try their products without breaking the bank. Code expires after August 2nd!

Que Bella Tea Tree Mask-$2
Que Bella masks were also mentioned in my Drupstore Dupes Part 2 post, because they are amazing and only $2!!! This is my faovorite one to use when I feel like my pores really need a deep cleaning.  There is a slight tingle but no burning or discomfot and my face feels so clean after.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion-$17
If you have ever used calamine lotion in all it's pink glory (chicken pox and chiggers come to mind) you may experience a little PTSD at the sight of this drying lotion. Made with salicylic acid and calamine, this is my favorite spot treatment. The solution will be separated with the pink calamine lotion settled at the bottom. But do not shake the bottle. With a Q-tip, dip down to the very bottom and pull it back out. You should get a nice pink covered Q-tip in return which you can then apply directly to your blemish. Don't double dip with the side of the Q-tip you used. Either use the clean side or get a new one. Do not rub the treatment in, simply apply directly, let dry, and then sleep with it over night. You may notice some flaking from it on your pillowcase, this is normal and won't stain. Rinse it off in the morning and you're good to go! This stuff works wonders, but be careful not to go overboard and dry out your skin. Remember, it is a spot treatment.

Rodan & Fields Unblemish Duo-$97
So this is, by far, the most expensive item I have linked. But I would not include it if I didn't think it was amazing. This product is actually step 3 out of the 4 step Unblemish line. It is a two-sided pump that has a cream one side and a gel on the other. My normal products were not completely kicking my breakout from the beach and I was getting really frustrated. I had the unblemish duo but had not given it a shot yet and this was the perfect opportunity to see if it really worked. Y'all I swear this stuff must be made of angel tears because my acne went away over night. It did burn my face a little when I applied it but nothing uncomfortable. I applied the duo (two pumps from each side, mixed together) and then my moisturizer and slept with it on. I used it the next three nights just to prevent anymore bad boys from popping up which I noticed did dry my face out a little. I have talked to other people who tried this product and didn't see any results, so it may not work for every skin type. However, my mom and I swear by it and I will keep it around for emergencies only.

For dryness

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask-$24
My skin can get really dry and irrated in winter or from acne medications. This mask does wonders! It has actual oatmeal in it so don't be put off by the chunks. Leave it on for the stated time and enjoy your baby-smooth skin after. I am a big fan of First Aid Beauty's products, this being my favorite and everything is sulfate and paraben free.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration -$30
Another product I love from First Aid Beauty is their ultra repair cream. This is the hardcore stuff, it's so thick and creamy. I use it on really dry and irritated skin and it works almost immediately. This is good for stressed dry skin, itchiness, and even Eczema. There is no oily residue, your skin will drink it in happily and the results will stay. This is not one of those lotions that you need to reapply an hour later when you feel your face cracking.

TULA Hydrating Day & Night Cream-$52
Another TULA product I love is their Hydrating cream. It can be used morning and night. It is a little on the thick side, and definitely on the pricier side. I only use it occasionally at night when I think my face needs an extra boost of moisture. Like the face wash, it contains probiotic technology to help balance out your skin. It also helps reduce fine-lines and wrinkles.

TULA Discovery Kit -$52 
I wanted to add this link for anyone who is interested in trying the TULA products but wary of the price. It's valued at $104 and sold for $52. For the price of one cream you can try four products. It comes in a little travel bag and includes:
  • Purifying Face Cleanser – 1 fl oz / 30 ml
  • Hydrating Day & Night Cream – 0.5 oz / 15 g
  • Illuminating Face Serum – 0.5 fl oz / 15 ml
  • Revitalizing Eye Cream – 0.25 oz / 7 g
I haven't tried the face serum or eye cream but the reviews are really good!

For Dullness

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads-$30
If you ever used Oxy or Stridex facial pads you remember them stinging with the fire of a thousand suns. WHY did we torture ourselves?? But back then it was all about toning and every day after sweaty athletics my friends and I would rub our poor faces raw with those things. First Aid Beauty's facial pads will not burn your skin or cause irritation. They will help to tone, exfoliate and brighten but without the harsh chemicals and pain. 

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask -$34
I tried this mask in a sample size I got in a box of Boscia products with my Sephora points. The mask is what stuck out to me most. This was my first time using a peel off mask so I was pretty nervous but my face remained intact after all was said and done. Warn your boyfriend or roommate or brother (or don't and give them a good scare) because you're going to look like an alien with this jet black mask on your face. Apply a thick layer to clean and dry skin, avoiding your hairline, eyebrows, eyes, and lips. Leave on for about 20 minutes or until its dry all over. Gently peel the mask off from the outer edges in a downward motion. Ok yeah right, no peel off mask comes off in one clean downward motion. HA. But peel that sucker off gently and then rinse/scrub off any remaining residue. Now stare at the mask and look at all the nasty gunk, dead skin, and tiny hairs that were ripped off of your face in awe. This mask promises to help with large pores, oiliness, dullness and uneven texture. It really feel like it cleaned and brightened my skin well. It says it is safe to use 1-2 times a week, but having sensitive skin I only use it about once a month. Remember to always spot test new products!

For Oil Control

Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Setting Spray-$30
I have always had pretty oily skin. When you live in South Texas do you really even have a choice? I would be blotting my face before lunch already and getting so frustrated when my makeup wiped off. Well fear no more grease sisters because this setting spray will change your life! Urban Decay makes three different versions, but the de-slick is m favorite. This spray combined with the foundation I linked in Drugstore Dupes is the perfect formula to keep my face matte all day long. The directions only instruct you to spray it on after, but here's my trick. After my moisturizer is dry and before applying my foundation I spray my face with the de-slick spray and let it dry. Apply your makeup as usual and then after you have finished give yourself another good spritz.I like to wait to do my mascara after I do my final spray so that it doesn't get on my upper lids. I am telling you this stuff keeps my oil at bay like no other product!

For Other Skin Conditions

Tea Tree Oil-$7-10
Pure tea tree oil is great for just about any skin irritation. Spot treat acne, ingrown hairs, keloids, fungal infections, bug bites, the list goes on. It is antibacterial and antifungal and very powerful. The key thing to know about Tea Tree Oil is to spot treat. Applying it to healthy skin can cause burning and irritation. Use sparingly.

Coconut Oil-$7
I raved about coconut oil in one of my previous posts. It is so great for your hair. But guess what it's great for skin as well. Who would of thought that a cooking oil, and a healthy one at that, could be used as a hair mask, as a moisturizer, to shave, to soothe irritated skin, and for oil pulling. Remember, you don't want to contaminate the jar, so always use a clean spoon or scoop to get out your product.


Wash Your Pillowcase 

You should be washing your sheets once a week at the minimum. But your pillow is where you rest your pretty little head which means it also soaks up all your sweat, oils, leftover makeup, hair product, drool, dust,  dead get the idea. Your pillow is a bacteria soaked sponge. If acne is one of your skin issues then start to change your pillowcase twice a week. Keep a spare set so you can always have one clean. I like to wash all my sheets every Sunday on hot water, with an unscented detergent, since I have sensitive skin. Make sure you are also washing your actual pillows at least three times a year and replacing them every two.


Keep Hair Out of Face

Be careful that your hair is not touching your face at night. A great way to do this that's good for both your hair and your skin is to put it in a simple braid at night. It keeps your hair's oils or products away from your face and prevents your hair from getting in a tangled hot mess. .

If you have issues with acne around your hairline or cheeks it is important to keep your hair out of your face in the daytime as well. Try putting it back or braiding bangs to the side if this is an issue for you, especially in situations where you will be sweating, like at the gym or outdoors.

Sanitize Your Cell

Think about how many places you take your phone. Your car, your desk, the sticky table at dinner, the public bathroom, your own bathroom! You also touch them 24/7 and if you are one of the few people who still make actual phone calls in 2016 then you put your cellphone on your face. Your iPhone is covered in germs and it's important to clean it from time to time. I wipe mine down with a Clorox disinfecting wipe every time I think about it. But I would at least do it once a week.

Don't Pick At Your Face

I often find myself resting my chin or my cheek in my hands when I'm thinking hard or reading. I have to snap out of it and watch that I don't make it a habit. It's so easy to pick at your face or scratch a pimple, or even just rest your head in your hands. But when you do this you are transferring all the germs and oils to your pores!

Watch What You Eat

If I am drinking a lot of sugary sodas, going too crazy with the Whataburger and ChikFilA, or eating a lot of dairy I will start to break out. Everything you eat is powering every part of your body, including your skin. Take that into consideration when you are eating. I am a fan of everything in moderation. Sometimes you just need a Coke or some waffle fries and that's ok! Just don't overdo it and pay attention to what you feed your body. And drink plenty of water!

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