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Monday, August 15, 2016

I couldn't help myself. I know, I know, everyone hates on the Kardashians and the Jenners and I'm just helping them make more money, right?? I don't care! You're totally lying to yourself if you say you weren't intrigued when Kylie, notorious for her big ole' smoochers, came out with a lip line.

There was a lot of bad feedback, so I was hesitant and didn't purchase the first couple of batches. Not to mention these little boogers are not cheap, but after all the drama and her correcting the applicator, I finally caved. If you are familiar with the Kylie Lip Kit, then you know these babies sell out literally within minutes after they go online. I follow Kylie on Snapchat where she will give out heads ups on new releases, so I was patiently waiting by my laptop for the new release. It actually wasn't as hard to get as I thought. I think the hype had slowed down a lot more by this time. 

I ended up with:

 Kandy K Matte Liquid Lipstick which comes with the Kandy K Liner

Heir Metal Matte Lipstick

and So Cute Gloss

I got my package after work one day and immediately tried them all. I'm gonna be honest, I was not impressed upon my initial application. However, it was the end of the day, my makeup was all blah, and I applied in a hurry. I decided to wait to try each when I was applying my makeup for the day so I could give it a fair chance. 

First let's take a look at the swatches, and then I'll go over my thoughts on each individually. And side note- I tried to take some pictures of my lips wearing each for y'all, but omg close-up pictures of my mouth are not something the world needs to see. You can see every pore and tiny facial hair and it just not cute and you guys did not need to be subjected to that torture. Another thing is lip colors can often look different depending on your skin tone and color of your lips. My lips are naturally a dark red and this will affect how the color looks on me. So my arm swatches will have to do!


From left to right: Kandy K liner, Kandy K, Heir, So Cute


Kandy K Liner

Alright so there are the swatches shown under a few different lightings.You get the idea.
First things first, the liner looks way darker on my arm than it does my lips, and this is a couple of lines overlapping to get the full color. I actually really like the color of the liner. It blends well with several of my rosey and nude lipsticks. 

 And honestly...BEST lip liner I have ever used. I am an avid user of MAC's lip products and always thought that theirs were the best. Well, shoot, this liner knocks it out of the park. It applies so smoothly and stays on really well. Like I said, it blends with many different shades so this has been my go-to liner lately.  When I first got all my products, the lip liners were only sold with the liquid lip kits. Now you can buy the Kylie liners separately. Now if only it wasn't $14.

Kandy K

Kandy K is super pigmented. It only takes one coat to fully cover your lips. It's the perfect mixture of like a rosey pink. I did notice that Kandy K dries a lot darker than it goes on wet. So picture it on your lips more the color of the lip liner. My favorite part about Kandy K is it stays on SO well. I seriously had to scrub my arm until it was red after this because that particular swatch did not want to come off. Remember it is a matte lip so not only does it dry darker, but it also will have a dry matte finish and is not going to be shiny or glossy in any way. This is the second liquid lip I've ever used. The first was a bright Beyonce red for Halloween when I was Sandy from Grease. I think the formula of this one is really impressive. I haven't been wearing it much this summer, it's just a little too dark for me right now. But I plan to use it often this fall and as we get in Texas, slightly colder fall.


Heir is from the Metal Matte collection. This is the one I was probably the most excited to try. Kylie had posted photos of all her friends wearing it at a music festival and it looked so glittery and shiny and magical. Unicorns wear this lipstick. As you can tell in the swatch, this one is way less pigmented than Kandy K. But the color is so gorgeous. It's definitely very coral on the lips, so if you're not a fan of orange tones then this one may not be for you. I definitely feel like I need to bleach my teeth before wearing this one. It drys matte like Kandy K, but this one still has shimmer to it. I don't think this one stays on as well as Kandy K either since it isn't as pigmented. I use the Kandy K liner with this one and it still blends well!

So Cute

This may be the thickest lip gloss I have ever used. Look at that swatch! It is so thick.  This was the one product I put on immediately and thought EW, is there glue on my lips?! Syrup?! I hated it! But now, I am in love...I don't wear the gloss on it's own. I apply a nude lipstick such as MAC's  Creme de Nude and then apply one layer of So Cute gloss. A little goes a long way. The color is the perfect nude without washing you out. I like the texture more now. It's not at all sticky or gross, in fact it's very creamy, but it is THICK.

Overall I really like the Kylie Lip collection. If you want to splurge on anything, I would recommend the liner most. I really want to try more colors in the future. It seems like they have worked out all of the errors in the line and now the quality of the products is really great. Let me know what you think of them if you have tried any or if you've found a good dupe for them! As always, thanks for taking the time to read!

All photos are my own.

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