Wedding Guest Style Guide with The Black Tux

Monday, May 1, 2017

April showers bring May flowers, and May flowers bring? Well weddings! I love the spring time, even though our spring in Texas consists of 40 degree mornings and 80 degree afternoons. With today's technology, it's almost effortless to shop for the happy couple. Just order from their registry. Couple's often block off hotels, so lodging is no sweat either. No, the hardest part of being a wedding guest always seems to be finding an outfit! There are so many aspects that come into play. Is it black tie formal? Indoors? Outdoors? What are the color schemes? You don't want to match the bridesmaids too closely. And of course--no white! This wedding guest style guide will make choosing your attire easy as pie--or, errr, wedding cake. 😉

Ladies, I know you probably have all of your favorite, go-to shops in mind now, but for the fellows it can be a bit more challenging! Check out this page to rent a suit for all your wedding season needs! This is an easy, quick, and affordable way to rent a suit for all of your wedding season needs! I hope you found this post useful! What would you like to see on the blog next?


Lipsense Review

Monday, May 1, 2017

I'm sure you've heard of LipSense, it's pretty much all over Facebook and several of my girlfriends use it. I was first introduced to LipSense at my friends Gabby and Price's wedding. I wasn't in the wedding, but I was kind of like mini assistant to everyone; touching up their hair and makeup, making sure Gabby had everything she needed. It was honestly so much fun! In the midst of all the makeup madness, one of the bridesmaids had on the prettiest pink-nude lip color. She told me it was LipSense and she'd try it on me if I wanted. I ended up loving the color, but because I had lipstick on already, it didn't get applied correctly and cracked on my lips. But I kid you not after a night full of eating and drinking, celebrating the lovebirds, the color was still on my lips the next day.

I honestly forgot about LipSense until a few months later, my good friend Keely asked me if I wanted to try it out. I got the color "Lexie Bear-y", a really pretty wine color, to give it a second shot--this time applied correctly!

I've got to say, I was skeptical what the results would be since it cracked last time, but once I read the instructions I understood why!

"LipSense is not a stain, it doesn't penetrate the skin and go into the bloodstream. LipSense is a patented molecular bond, meaning it sticks to your skin and that is why you have to have clean and dry lips, so that the pigment can stick to them with patented technology.

The formula uses SD40 alcohol. It is thinner than water and after you apply the product, the SD40 alcohol dissipates quickly, only leaving the color in place.  If you experience burning or tingling, it means your lips are dehydrated; the skin is damaged leaving nerve endings exposed.

The patent is in the color, it would stay on without the gloss, but the gloss is the moisture. There is no  moisture value in the color. It is a system that works together."

So hopefully knowing this info helps you understand a bit about the product before use.

How To Apply:
1. Apply to clean, dry lips (Witch Hazel is what they suggest to clean your lips)
2. Shake tube thoroughly
3. Wipe off excess products
4. With parted lips, place applicator on the corner of bottom lip
5. In sweeping motion, apply a thing layer with a light hand to the other corner of your mouth
6. Repeat on upper lip
7. Let first layer dry (VERY IMPORTANT) Complete steps two more times (for a total of three coats)
8. Let third layer dry; then apply your gloss
*Any other gloss or product will break down the color*
9. Rub lips together and enjoy the magic
10. Gloss throughout the day as needed

Some additional tips that I learned through trial and error. It's very important you let you use a light hand. Applying too much per layer will result in it gooping up. Remember, you're putting on a total of three layers of color, you don't need to get it super thick the first coat. Kind of like nail polish. It's also very important that you let it dry completely between each layer. When you buy the starter kit you get one color, the gloss, and the Oops! Remover. The Oops is great if you mess up on a corner or go outside the lines, lol! You can see where I did in my picture. It's more noticeable with the darker shades too. I did experience burning with mine when I applied it. As said above, this means my lips are damaged.

One of the things LipSense warns is that using wax products is bad for your lips. Basically the wax just builds up on your skin, rather than actually healing your lips. I haven't been able to wean myself off of other lip products yet though!

Now for the important part, does it work?? YEP. *When applied correctly* I tested this out at home Saturday. With zero makeup  (so excuse my pictures haha) on other than my Lexie Bear-y LipSense, my boyfriend thought I was insane lol! I put it on that morning and went about my normal day. Eating, drinking, brush my teeth, etc. It didn't come off at all. I could give our puppy kisses without worrying about branding him. I also got the color I loved from my friend wedding, Bravo. I also got First Love. One of the cool things about LipSense is you can mix any colors to form new colors.

I definitely want to try more colors. A the matte gloss too! Let me know what you think in the comments or if you have questions!



Warby Parker Sunglasses: Spring 2017 Collection!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Can I get a hallelujah that spring is FINALLY here? In Texas, our seasons are weird and the weather likes to play games with our emotions. But it seems that the warm weather is finally here to stay! The roadsides are covered in bluebonnets and other wild flowers and it's time for pool days and outside walks. One of my essentials for sunny days is sunglasses! For the past few months I've been rocking $12 pink, aviator shades. Lately, I have been searching for a good brand of sunnies to invest in for the upcoming months. Big frames and fun prints are really in right now, and I don't know about you but I am so glad big shades are back! If I am having a no-makeup and baseball cap kind of day I need my sunglasses to cover as much surface area of my face as possible, lol! Here are are some of my favorite picks from Warby Parker's Spring 2017 collection! And ladies, don't forget about the man in your life. I feel like sunglasses are something guys never think to buy for themselves. Warby Parker has an awesome men's selection as well! Which ones are your favorite?! I linked the collection at the bottom so you can search all the styles. There are SO many to choose from! What are your other spring essentials that you would like to hear about? Shoot me an email! :)

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Dream Dressing Room with Arhaus

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Pendant Lights // Tufted Ottoman // Poppy Chandelier // Trifold Mirror


Living in apartments, storage space is always a challenge, especially when it comes to my closet. I can dream all I want, but as long as I am in an apartment I will have to make the best use of what little space I have. But there's nothing wrong with dreaming of the perfect, glam walk-in closet. I think it's safe to say every girl has imagined theirs at least once while browsing Pinterest. My style is shabby chic meets glam. I would love an open layout with entire walls filled with shelves and drawers for my shoes and accessories. An island and a tufted ottoman would be plopped in the center for putting together and trying on outfits. Glamorous hanging lights would be strung though out to give a vintage vibe, and soft lighting. And maybe a chandelier or two wouldn't hurt either. I love these pendant lights from Arhaus in the mood board above. The bottom left picture inspired the idea to hang multiple different shapes and styles of lights together to create a unique look. Of course I would need a giant mirror. I've always loved stand up, full length mirrors. Not only do they open the space, but a trifold mirror would provide views of every angle. Last but not least, I would decorate with bright colored rugs and white faux fur rugs to give a pop of color and texture! I think the only thing missing might be a vanity? But that would be a whole new post for this makeup enthusiast! What would be in your dream closet? Let me know in the comments. Thank you for reading!



In collaboration with Arhaus, all opinions are my own.

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Texas Sheet Cake Cookies

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

My boyfriend and I's social media interaction basically consists of tagging each other in pictures of cute bulldog puppies and videos of food he wants me to make. You know the ones on Facebook that make every recipe look so simple and delicious? Yes, those. I am constantly saving the posts, but rarely do I actually make them. A couple weeks ago, however; he tagged me in a video for Texas Sheet Cake Cookies. The cookies looked so easy to make and were covered in chocolate so I was sold on them instantly.

Here is the recipe I used:

These were so easy to make! It says the recipe makes 24, but I only got 14 out of it. Maybe this means I am making my cookies too big, (impossible, there's not such thing) but I thought they were perfectly sized. It also makes a TON of icing. Way more than I needed. I decided my best option was to completely smother the cookies and drown them in chocolately goodness. After letting them dry, I scooped them with a spatula and put them in a a Pyrex container so that I could keep them sealed. I shared these with my boyfriend and his family and they were a hit! I probably ate half the batch myself. If you love chocolate or the taste of fudge this is an easy way to get your fix! Thanks for reading and don't forget to subscribe!



I Did A Juice Cleanse

Thursday, January 12, 2017


I am probably the last person ever to want to do a cleanse. I love my carbs, my breakfast tacos, cheese, and Chick-Fil-A. I've tried juicing before at home and it was a complete fail. My best friend and roommate at the time busted out the new juicer I had gotten for Christmas and made every Pinterest juice recipe we could get our hands on. The drinks were gross, we wasted food, and I discovered I was allergic to beetroot. So that was a major fail.

So take two, the Daily Greens Cleanse includes all the juices you need for your four day cleanse. Each drink is packed with 4.5 pounds of produce, including tons of vitamins. All you have to do is stick to the raw fruit and veggie diet for four days. The hardest part is self-control.

What It Is

A juice cleanse is a type of diet intended to detox your body. Cleanses can last from days to weeks. The Daily Greens Cleanse is four days long. The green drinks provide your body with nutrients so that you can sustain from eating full meals. People do cleanses for many reasons: weight loss, detoxing the body, self satisfaction, or helping yourself get away from habits like coffee and snacking. You should not expect any long-term weight loss from doing a cleanse. You should expect to see yourself cutting back on caffeine, sodas, animal products, and sugar and taking in more water, fruits, and veggies.

How It Works

Three Juices. Four days. For four days you will replace two meals and a snack with a green juice and eat an all raw veggie dinner. The juices are as follows:

Renew- Hydrate with a blend of sweet watermelon and rich, juicy greens seasons with spearmint and a dash of Himalayan pink salt. This one was not bad. It's refreshing. As for taste, it's sort of like drinking sweet celery? That sounds terrible but it's the best way I can describe it.

Elevate- Get smooth greens- from cucumber to spinach and watercress -with a splash of lime, sweet pear, and a lovely vanilla finish. Because of the vanilla this one is very sweet. Again not too bad.

Purity- Get simple and pure green juice goodness from cold-pressed cucumber, celery, kale, and broccoli with parsley, basil, and a touch of lemon. I am going to be 100% honest with ya'll throughout this entire process, so I have to tell you I hated this one. Lol! It tastes like lemon and lawn clippings. But I just tell myself that means it's healthy and chug it.

What To Eat

The cleanse kit will include instructions, but here are the basics. Breakfast- begin your day with warm lemon water or substitute with Daily Green's Green Lemonade. Wait 30 minutes and then drink your Renew juice. Lunch- Elevate juice and a small raw fruit or veggie snack if needed. Snack- Purity juice. Dinner- A raw veggie dinner with plenty of fiber to help your body expel the toxins. You can have raw fruit or veggies any time you are hungry throughout the day. This is not designed to starve you, but to feed your body pure, clean, raw veggies and juices as your body works to clean out all the toxins from the beer, queso, and Whataburger you had last weekend. So things like leafy, green veggies, carrots, broccoli, avocado, tomato, onion, cucumber, etc are great. Be sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.


What To Avoid

Here is the fun part! No coffee, nope not even black coffee! No soda, no other fruit juices. no tea. No processed foods, no sugar, no meat or animal products, no dairy, no grains, no legumes. Cheese was definitely the hardest for me to cut out! And my morning caramel macchiato, AKA coffee flavored sugar, has been dearly missed as well.

Day One

Breakfast- Renew juice and a bottle of water. I missed the step about warm lemon juice so I did not have that Monday.

Lunch- Elevate juice, a banana, and water.

Snack- Purity juice.

Dinner- Salad and zoodles with homemade veggie "sauce" and POM pomegranate seeds. (Kylie made me do it)

Overall, day one was not that bad. I was fine throughout the day, but pretty hungry by the time I got home. I stocked up on fruits and veggies at HEB and was so excited to find pre-cut zucchini noodles or "zoodles". For my dinner I made a salad with romaine hearts, red onion, cucumber, tomato, salt and pepper, and a light dousing of Balsamic Vinaigrette. Then I made a "pasta" with my zoodles and a raw veggie sauce. The zoodles really aren't bad raw. They are still crunchy so my brain was not totally fooled into thinking this was real pasta. Eating only raw foods definitely made me increase my creativity in the kitchen. I'm no chef but I thought it was pretty yummy. I almost was bascilly eating guacamole now that I think about it! Here is the recipe for my zoodle sauce:

Zoodle Avocado Sauce Ingredients:
1/2 avocado
1/2 lemon
1 tomato, diced
red onion, amount to your liking, diced
2-3 chopped basil leaves
2-3 chopped parsley leaves
salt and pepper

Mash 1/2 of avocado in a small bowl, mix in diced tomato, onion, basil, and parsley. Squeeze lemon juice over mixture and add salt and pepper to taste. Mix everything together. Mix in zoodles. Enjoy!

Day Two

Breakfast-Warm lemon water, Renew juice

Lunch- Elevate juice, grapes, black berries, raspberries

Snack- Purity juice

Dinner- Salad with romaine hearts, red onion, cucumber, and tomato. Zoodles with homemade pesto. You can buy pesto mix in the seasoning aisle at grocery stores. All you mix it with is Olive Oil. This may have been cheating just a little bit!

Day two my cravings started kicking in. Where I work we have food trucks onsite every Tuesday and Friday. Everyone walking by my desk with pizzas, parmesan fries, and burgers WAS. TORTURE. To make matters worse, Whataburger posted a Snapchat that they are bringing back their Buffalo Ranch Chicken Strip Sandwich. Lot's of fat thoughts happening on this Tuesday. Lot's, folks.

Day Three

Breakfast- Lemon water, Renew Juice, fresh fruit

Lunch- Elevate juice, grapes

Snack- Purity juice

Dinner- Same salad as previous nights but added avocado!

Day three I was questioning my sanity of starting this cleanse. According to the scale at our gym I had lost three pounds since Monday, probably mostly water weight. However, my reasons for starting this were less about weight loss and more about will power. While on that note, I don't recommend working out while doing this cleanse. A lot of people will say you should since it helps to sweat out toxins your body is working to expel, but I definitely was lacking energy during it. Remember to continuously drink water.

Day Four

Breakfast- Water, Renew juice, fresh fruit

Lunch- Elevate juice, blackberries, raspberries

Snack- Purity Juice

Dinner- Avocado, cucumber, tomato, feta, balsamic salad and zoodles with homemade marinara.

Day four was by miles the hardest day for me. I really hadn't seen many side effects on the other days besides normal cravings. On day four I woke up with a huge headache and my body felt so heavy and weak. I also noticed that my brain was foggy all day. I was forgetting things and just totally out of it. I'm not sure if this was caused a lack of carbs and nutrients or if this is similar to the so called "die off" like in the Candida and Whole 30 diets. The die off is when all of the sugars, fats, and yeasts in your body start to die because you aren't eating those things anymore. You feel really sick until they are completely cleared out and then you feel great again. I noticed I was much hungrier on day four as well. Instead of waiting for my juice to settle and assessing how I felt, I had some fruit right away because I was feeling so bad. My energy levels perked after lunch time but that didn't last long. In my head I was thinking could it really hurt if I had a normal dinner?? It's technically the end? But I knew I had to finish completely! I included my sad marinara recipe, but remember everything has to be raw. P. S. That is one whole zoodle I'm holding in the photo below!!

Homemade Marinara Ingredients:
2 chopped tomatoes
1 tsp extra virgin olive oil
1 large fresh basil sprig, minced
Add salt, pepper, garlic powder, and dried oregano to taste

Finishing The Cleanse

After completing the cleanse, your first instinct will probably be to run to the nearest DQ for an M&M blizzard or down a large pizza, but be careful when choosing your next meals. Remember that your body has had four days of near complete rest from digesting with an almost all liquid diet. Additionally, your body has had four days without caffeine or high sugars. Slowly incorporate your usual foods back into your diet so that you have a smooth transition.

Final Thoughts  

Do I feel good about doing this cleanse? Absolutely. I am so proud of myself for sticking to it for four days and not breaking down and making a mad run to the cheese drawer. Without going into detail, I do feel like this cleanse successfully got all of the junk out of my system and I did lose a little weight. I also feel less bloated, and overall just better about cutting out all the junk this week. Would I do it again? Maybe, and if not I am taking away a lot of great information. Always, research before trying any diet or cleanse to make sure it's right for your body.  If you're hungry, eat! This is not meant to starve you. You can have raw fruit or veggies at any time that you need. I think the most important things I learned from this cleanse were

1. It's possible, and easy, to eat clean for every meal.
I thought it was going to be impossible to eat an all raw vegetable diet. I pictured myself eating celery for a week. In truth it was not hard at all and I found myself thinking I could always eat this way and it would be even better once I'm allowed to incorporate other food groups in a healthy way. For example, adding proteins, good carbs, and good fats. I think this is a really great way to experiment with food and you can definitely get more creative than my salads and zoodles. I won't be binging on junkfood now that it is over, because that would defeat the whole purpose!

2. I've been overeating.
Going without meals and then eating only fruit and veggies made me realize (maybe miss) just how much I'm normally eating. A breakfast taco, a fast food lunch, and a heavy dinner, plus snacks, coffee, and soda? I did not consider myself a horrible eater, but this was a wake up call. Now I am rethinking all of my meals in a healthier mindset.

You can get the Daily Greens Cleanse or any of their beverages at:
Normally the kit is $60, but right now you can get it for $49. Shipping is a little high, but that's because the product has to stay refrigerated, as you can see in my photos.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me! Don't forget to subscribe so that you never miss a post! Thanks for reading!




Friday The 13th - 13 Bingeworthy Shows

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

In honor of this month's Friday the 13th, I thought about giving you guys a list of horror movies, but my October post on 100 Shows & Movies To Binge This Halloween  pretty much covered all of my favorites. So instead, I compiled a list of some of my favorite twisted shows from the past couple of years. Some of these are old and some are fairly new! Of course there are a million others I would like to include but these shows really hook you in and will have you burning through a season a day. Disclaimer: Please do a little research before watching to see if it interests you. I will warn you that some of these are definitely R rated!

1. West World- If a Western and the matrix and the purge had a lovechild it would result in West World. I don't even want to say too much to give anything away because I think this show is best enjoyed going in watching it the same way you will finish watching it: having no damn clue what the hell just happened.
2. Black Mirror- This show is great for those who get bored of the same show. There are three seasons currently and every episode is its own unique story. There is no connection between episodes, they can be watched in any order. Black Mirror gives a dark glimpse into what our future could possibly hold if humanity continues with it's rapid jumps in technology and desensitization. It's like nothing else I have ever watched.

3. American Horror Story- I would be extremely surprised to meet someone who hasn't watched at least one episode or season of AHS, but if you happen to be that someone then I cannot recommend this show enough. It is not for the faint of heart, it has twists, gore, and disturbing scenes. Talk to any AHS fan and they will likely tell you that Seasons: Murder House and Coven are the best. You can watch these seasons in any order, but I would start at the beginning. There are some sneaky connections and theories.

4. Shameless- If you ever feel like your life is a mess, watch one episode of Shameless and you will feel so put together and organized. This show is a dark comedy focusing on a family with an alcoholic dad, bi-polar, addict mom, and a slew of kids trying to keep it together. The best word I can use to describe it? Chaos.

5. How To Get Away With Murder- Murder mystery fan? Scandal fan? This show will never leave you bored. Annalise Keating, law professor, and her five students become mixed up in a murder. The plot thickens and throws twists at you constantly to keep you hooked and guessing.

6. Dexter- Ugh. If there was one show I could request more seasons from Dexter would be it. Dexter is a blood spatter analyst for the Miamai PD. He's also a serial killer. But Dexter only kills the bad guys and you will find yourself falling in love with this murderer as you watch him grow in life, debate the ethics of his hobbies, and well...murder.

7. Hemlock Grove-This one is for my Twilight and Sci-Fi fans. Hemlock Grove takes an entirely new spin on mythical werewolves and vampires, or in this show Upirs, along with a biomedical center creating some scary things owned by the wealthy Godfrey family. If you like AHS you will most likely love Hemlock Grove.

8. The 100- All civilization on Earth has been destroyed and humans have taken to space. But it seems that things on their living ship, the Arc, are not going as well as the leaders have led them to believe. The Arc sends 100 juvenile prisoners back to Earth to see if it is habitable after all these years. What the 100 learn is Earth is a lot more occupied than they thought.

9. Stranger Things- Did you see anyone on Halloween running around in a pink dress and carrying Eggo frozen waffles? If you did and were confused (like many people by my costume) then you witnessed someone dressed up as Eleven from Stranger Things! This was my costume this year at work, as seen in my photo. Stranger Things is an 80's pop culture themed mystery. When a young boy goes missing from his home in 1983, and search for him results in the finding of some very unnatural occurrences and one strange little girl.

10. Orange Is The New Black- There's nothing supernatural about OITNB, but if you are comfortable with a few lesbian scenes, stabbings, and drug abuse this show is its own kind of magic. Piper Chapman is suddenly sentenced to a women's prison when a drug run from her youth catches up to her. OITNB takes your into the life of these prisoners and introduces you to crazy characters you can't help but adore. The show is actually based on the novel by the real Piper.

11. Narcos- Narcos is about the infamous Pablo Escobar and drug cartel and the DEA agent hunting him. Majority of the show is in Spanish, but with the subtitles its easy to completely forget you are watching something in another language.

12. The Crown- The Crown details the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s to the present. The show begins before the passing of King George VI and follows through as she takes the thrown at only 25 years old and tells the story of her life. The filming is AMAZING.

13. Chef's Table- And last but NOT least in any way is Chef's Table. If you are like me and can watch Chopped, Iron Chef, or the Food Network period for hours at a time you will be blown away by Chef's Table. Each episode focuses on one chef. Their background, their dishes, their methods. The featured chefs are from all of over the world. This is one of the most beautifully filmed shows in the food category. Prepare to be completely blown away.

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