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OTK Boot Dupes

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I think we can all agree that over the knee boots are one of the biggest fashion trends of fall/winter 2016. I know that I already have snagged three pairs...oops. Besides choosing what color you want and if you want one with a heel or not, there is the decision of what brand to get. I know we all love our name brands, but I often find that the cheaper versions end up being better! I recently got Steve Madden black OTK boots and thought they were the bee's knees. They are so beautiful on but after wearing them once I realized I had made a huge mistake. Aprox. $90 for the top of the boot to constantly slide down, the heel to be too tall and steep, and the MOST uncomfortable shoes I have ever worn in my life. I wore them for one night and half my toes were numb for a WEEK. I am not even exaggerating. I was so disappointed because I love the look of OTK boots. But then, Target came to save the day (as usual) with an amazing selection of boots! I got these OTK boots from Target in black for less than $40! Right now they are online for $59.99 but you can get 30% off with the code COLD at checkout. I chose these with no heel so that I can wear them to both work or play and be comfortable. Plus I am already almost 5'8", so height is not something I often want to add. These are pratically twins of the very popular Stuart Weitzman OTK boots at Nordstrom that run for a (insane) $798. I don't know what human has $800 to spend on one pair of boots, but that human is not me. So if you are looking for an affordable pair of OTK boots that are both stylish and comfortable, look no more! The specific ones I linked come in black, grey, and taupe/brown. However the taupe looks more like a cream to me online. I did not see that shade in person so I can't say exactly how that color looks. I am normally a 7 or 7.5 in boots and I got the 7.5 in these and they fit perfect. I also linked some other styles I love for great prices! Happy shopping. Btw, in the photo I am wearing the boots from Palm Tree Boutique! They are going fast!

Under $100

Target OTK boots, no heel
Target OTK boots, with heel
Target OTK boots, wedge heel
Target OTK boots, chunky heel

Don't forget to use code COLD for 30% off today!

Under $50

Dottie Couture OTK Boots
Shop Hopes OTK Boots, with heel in olive 
Palm Tree OTK Boots, taupe
Palm Tree OTK Boots, tan
Palm Tree OTK Boots, black 

I have the Palm Tree boots in taupe and my mom has them in tan (pictured at the top) and we both love them! They have a low heel and are very comfortable. I am a size 7.5. They have limited sizes right now and are selling quick! I really hope they restock soon. :)

NARS "Nordstrom's Best" Cheek Palette

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Happy Friday everybody! At last the glorious weekend is upon us! Sadly, it is also nearly time for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale to come to an end. Prices will go back up on Monday, August 8th. Have you been shopping the sale? I had to use all self control not to go crazy, but there was one item that I could not stay away from.

Behold in all it's glory, the NARS Cheek Palette

With four blushes, one highlighter, and one bronzer, this palette is valued at $124, but until August 8th is on sale for only $65! Keep in mind the price of one NARS blush alone is around $30. Now I will point out that these aren't full size in the palette. But the value is still great and if you're someone like me who uses multiple NARS face products and likes to change up blushes, this is a great investment. Plus it's nice to be able to just grab one palette for travel rather than hauling around three or four different compacts.

The packaging is traditional NARS, sleek and black. I really like how thin this palette is. My only dislike is that the outside gets so dirty, so fast. Like as soon as I touched it my fingerprints made a smudge and after using it the front already had powder all over it. Whoops.

Now for the best part, the colors! This palette includes blush shades Orgasm, Deep Throat, Luster, and Desire. It also includes their highlighter, Albatross, and bronzer, Laguna. NARS is known for having blushes and bronzers that are really flattering on almost all skintones. Most noteably Orgasm and Laguna. All of these are slightly shimmery so if you aren't a fan of shimmer this palette may not be for you.

I have tried out all of the blushes and Orgasm still remains my favorite. It's just the right amount of shimmer without looking over the top and the color looks great whether I'm sporting my normal Edward Cullen pale skin or a summer glow. Deep Throat is similar to Orgasm but lighter. Luster has a Copper tone to it and is also pretty shimmery. And Desire is a bright pink. Don't let Desire intimidate you. My first thoughts were no way can I wear this bright blush, however apply it in thin layers so you can control how much color you add on and it looks super soft and pretty.

For my highlighting I apply it under the eyes in an upside down triangle shape, the middle of my forehead, down the center of my nose strip, and then on the bottom middle of my chin. These are the places you want light to reflect off your face and it really helps to brighten the under-eye area. I hadn't used Albatross before and I was nervous it was going to be chalky white and make me look dead. Instead I was sooo pleased to swatch it and find out it's actually a glowy, shimmery, pearl color.

And last but certainly not least, Laguna! Aside from MAC's Matte Bronze, NARS Laguna is my favorite bronzer. I can't wear bronzers that are too orange or my face looks like a hot mess. And for some reason, almost all bronzers are really orange. Laguna is a deep brown but goes on lightly so that you can build your control or all over bronze to the perfect amount. It's so easy to overdo bronzer and end up looking like your face is dirty, but Laguna always goes on great. I use it to carve out my cheek bones, contour the sides of my nose, and on the top and sides of my forehead.

If you are still nervous about the brighter blush colors, or not a fan of highlight (I don't think that's possible but just in case) NARS also offers a mini blush/bronzer duo featuring Orgasm and Laguna for $24. This is what I usually would buy, before the palette came out.

I typically use Real Technique's brushes but how cute are these white and gold Sonia Kashuk Brushes!

When I went to Nordstrom they had already sold out of the palette in store, but I paid there and they ordered it online for me. Did I mention free shipping and returns? It only took four days to ship to me too. 

Do you love NARS blushes as much as me? What's your favorite shade? Let me know in the comments or message me in the side menu.
Have a great weekend!

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