The Perfect Bubble Bath

Thursday, August 25, 2016

One of my favorite things in the world is a good, hot bubble bath. I cannot comprehend people who don't like baths. I could live a perfectly happy life from my bathtub, equipped with a good book and a glass bottle of wine. (I really need one of those bath tray things in my life.) As an experienced bath taker I am happy to share with y'all that I have nailed down all of the best products to make your bubble bath session as lovely and relaxing as possible.

**All of the headers are links to the products**

Bubble Bath

LUSH makes some really great products for almost any skin or hair care need you could possibly have. My favorites though, are their bubble bars and bath bombs! I have this bubble bar, except mine is just a different shape. You only need to break off a tiny piece for each bath, so you will get several uses out of it. Put the whole bubble bar in and you may end up with an entire bathroom filled with bubbles. Break off a small chunk and throw it in the tub as you run your water. It is way more powerful than any bubble bath I've ever used. Pro-tip: very good for Santa Claus bubble beards.  

Bath Bombs

I love LUSH's bath bombs but a small shop in Arkansas changed the whole game for me. Bathhouse Soapery is a handmade soap, bath and beauty company making fresh cosmetics in Hot Springs, Arkansas. My boyfriend and I were window shopping and I could literally smell how amazing this place smelled from outside. They make soap loafs and slices (they are so pretty!), bath salts, bombs, scrubs, creamers and oils. Even deodorant, perfume, candles, lotion and shaving stuff. They seriously had everything. Every scent was so unique and sooo amazing it was hard to even choose. I ended up getting a few bath bombs which are only $6 each! My skin has never felt so soft as it did after using one of their bath bombs and the aromas actually came out and did not go away immediately like LUSH's seem to do. It was truly pampering and I can't wait to try more of their products. My favorite scents are Hot Southern Mess (of course), Hot Springs, and Gypsy.

 Sugar Scrub

If you don't exfoliate, girlfriend we need to have a talk. At least once a week, or twice if you live in the sweaty South, you should scrub down with an exfoliater to remove dead skin cells on the surface of your body. Don't scrub too hard, you don't want to damage your healthy skin, use gentle, circular motions and let the product do its work. I like Tree Hut's Sugar Scrub because it is made with whole sugar grains, shea nut oil, and Vitamin C. There are no acids or harsh chemicals so I feel safe using this on my skin often. There are several scents and you can grab this at Ulta, or for my Texas girls, HEB carries it! I always use it right before shaving, or when my skin is peeling from too much sun.

Body Wash

 So I actually use Nature Well's Coconut oil body wash for two things. As a wash and to shave with. This has a very faint scent, think Aveeno's products, it is very mild. So don't expect a fruity coconut smell. However, this is a great was for sensitive skin and is so moisturizing. It's not thick at all which is why I like to shave with it. It won't clog your razor.


I like my baths steaming hot, so it's no brainer that things will get a little sweaty on you scalp or face. I always remove my makeup first when I'm going to take a hot bath. Nobody wants sweaty makeup clogging their pores when they are trying to relax, am I right? I love to use makeup wipes and then this cleanser at night. I've blogged about this cleanser before in my Emergency Skin Care post. I know it is a little on the pricier side but I promise I will never recommend a product that I don't truly love. Tula's cleanser has seriously changed my skin. I used to get so oily during the day and would have to blot my face constantly or reapply my makeup. Between using this cleanser and my L'Oreal Pro Matte foundation, my makeup looks great throughout my entire 8-hour work day. My skin looks and feels so much healthier since I started using their wash and moisturizer. Join their mailing list, because they usually offer different sets that consist of smaller sizes to try for cheaper.

A Good Candle

This isn't necessary for your bath, but it makes it so much more relaxing. As you can see from the picture, it's already half way burned down. I love candles. Something about them is just so calming. Bath and Body Works makes my favorite scent, EVER. Wine Cellar. Go smell this candle ASAP and tell me it's not incredible. Something about it reminds me of something that I have yet to put my finger on, but I have already bought this candle three times. My other favorite scent by B&BW is Bow Ties and Bourbon but it was discontinued. (Which I just discovered in writing this post and had a fit since mine is almost gone) B&BW social media strategist, if you're reading this, PLEASE BRING BOW TIES AND BOURBON BACK. I need it, haha!


This lotion is actually how I found the Nature Well body wash. I have only purchased it at SAM's Club, but it is available online at Walmart as well. This lotion is so great in so many ways. Again it has a mild scent. I really don't like an overpowering flowery lotion. It's just too much. The consistency is very thick, more like that of a body butter than a lotion but it's not greasy at all and absorbs so quickly. I hate applying a lotion and then an hour later you already feel dry again. This one keeps me moisturized yet never greasy. I also love that it comes in a tub instead of a pump. That way I can use every last drop!

Body Mist

I don't always use body mist but occasionally I like to spray myself after a shower or bath. I already smell clean, but this makes me smell REALLY clean. Hence the name, Fresh and Clean! This is also a great spray to throw in your bag or purse in the travel size when you just need a little something. 

A Fluffy or Silky Robe

Every girl, everyONE needs a comfy robe. Whether you just hopped out of the bath, are putting your makeup on, or are straight up lounging a comfy robe is the most convenient and comfortable attire. I have had this fluffy polka dot robe from Aegean Apparel for years. It was a Christmas gift, and honestly the most use I've ever gotten out of a gift. It's the softest thing ever, and so warm on chilly mornings in the winter. I would live in this robe if it was socially acceptable. I always gets dirty from me wearing it while I do my makeup and I can just throw it in the washing machine and it looks brand new. $50 is not bad in my opinion for something I've had for years that has zero damage or wear to it. They don't make my multi-colored one anymore because it is so old, but I am loving this hot pink one that I linked. 

And because robes are so comfy, and a girl's gotta have options, I also have a silky kimono robe from Victoria's Secret! Mine is leopard and so incredibly comfy. This one is very cooling because of the silk so it is more ideal for summer months or when you're blow drying your hair. 

Optional but high encouraged: 

A glass of wine, a great book, music, or a pint of ice cream ; ) 
P.S. This gelato will be my demise. It is SO GOOD and you can get it at HEB. Southern Butter Pecan is my favorite. Beware, it is dangerous. 

My wooden hanger with antique knobs is from Hobby Lobby!

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All photos are my own.

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