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White Bedding Sale

Friday, September 2, 2016

My fluffy white comforter and its almost identical doppelganger are on sale at Target! It's pouring rain here in Texas, so I plan on snuggling up in it to read the new Harry Potter book, or for some movies and maybe go to a winery with some girlfriends. I hope everyone has an awesome and safe Labor Day weekend!

If you haven't already, head to my Instagram to enter the giveaway contest to win this adorable tassel garland!


Tassel Earrings

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Lately I am obsessed with tassels. On clothes, on pillows, on purses, but especially on jewelry. When I was a little girl, my great-grandma would let me go through and try on all of her jewelry. She had so much, but most of it was made with tiny colorful beads or colored gemstones. I've noticed this year that a lot of popular jewelry resembles the style of what my grandma wore. I think it's so neat how certain trends always seem to make their comeback. These chunky, white tassel earrings are so fun. They can be worn to work or out to play and can dress up a really simple outfit.

I will say that they are definitely on the heavier side. I have very sensitive ears and although the metal did not bother me, I would not wear them for an entire 8 hour work day just because of how heavy they are. One trick for wearing heavy earrings is to use Kendra Scott's Lobe Wonder stickers. You get 60 stickers in one pack and they can be reused if you don't wear them for very long. Basically you stick a clear sticker on the back of your earlobe and poke your earring through it. The Lobe Wonder's help keep the earring from weighing down your ear and hurting.

Every time I went to order these they were sold out, I finally ended up finding them at the Palm Tree Boutique. I listed all the places I found that carry these earrings or almost identical ones. Baublebar has the most options. Some colors may be sold out, but you can sign up for their wait list to get a notification when they are restocked!


Where To Buy:




Palm Tree Boutique

Kendra Scott Gold Roni Cuff 

 Chambray Lace Top

This top is almost sold out, I'm really sorry about that because I hate to link something not everyone can get! I tried to find it somewhere else but no luck! I linked two similar.

Similar Tops: 1, 2


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Fall Boutique Round Up

Monday, August 29, 2016

The first day of fall (September 22) is quickly approaching, and I'm having mixed feelings. I love summer weather and days by the water in a bikini. I'm the type of person who is always cold, so 80-90 degrees feels great to me. But fall means bonfires and hot caramel macchiatos instead of iced, football and flannels, hometown fairs and my birthday ;). But what I love most about fall is the clothes! I rounded up my fall favorites from all of my go-to clothing boutiques. Each header is a direct link to their website if you see something you like! 

Some trends for this fall that I'm loving:

Over the knee boots
Earthy colors: brown, camel, burnt orange, mustard yellow, hunter green
Flowy maxi dresses
Vintage, thin, buckled belts
Off the shoulder tops
Mauve or dusty pink
Chunky bib necklaces and chokers
Printed or textured booties
Royal and ice blues
Long cardigans and flannels
Bandanna necklaces
Peep toe wedges and booties

What fall trends are you looking forward to? What are you favorite boutiques? Share with me in the comments or email me! Don't forget to subscribe in the side bar so you never miss a post!
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 Dottie Couture Boutique



Palm Tree Boutique





DIY Tassel Garland

Sunday, August 21, 2016


I am so excited to for this DIY! About two years ago I found a tassel garland on Etsy. I think I probably paid $30-$40. Shudder. Little did I know just how EASY these are to make yourself, and for less than $10. I purchased one for my bedroom, and made one for a girl's trip, but these are so cute for birthday parties, baby showers, and bridal showers. The best part about making your own, is you can completely customize the colors and length to your liking. I made this one for the mimosa bar at our girl's weekend beach trip. I really liked a flag sign I found on Pinterest that said bubbly bar, but I wanted to incorporate some color, so for this garland I combined flags and tassels. The flags came in a pack at Hobby Lobby and I used a chalk-board marker on the gold flags. You could do just tassels for a really cute way to add some color to your room, hang pictures in-between the tassels with clothes pins, or tie one end to a bunch of balloons at a party. There are so many ways to get creative with this and truly make it your own. I honestly was intimidated by this DIY and thought it would be so tedious and time consuming, but I ended up only spending about two hours total on this project. 


Tissue paper in color of your choosing (regular, metallic, or both!)
Wire or cord
Hot glue gun


I chose to do one color at a time. So pick whichever color you want to work on first and unfold the whole pack of tissue paper, but leave them stacked. 

Fold the entire pack of tissue paper in half, long ways or "Hot Dog" style.
Cut strips of the same width, leaving about an inch of space left at the top. You can cut all at once or if its too thick you can open your sheet and cut one side at a time toward the fold. Just make sure you are leaving a solid inch in the middle. 

In the top picture with the mint tissue paper you can see the ideal amount of space to leave. In the bottom picture with the pink tissue paper you can tell I cut too close. Try to make all the strips consistent in size, but don't freak out if they aren't perfect. I'm left handed so anytime I cut things it ends up looking a little sad, but once you see the final product it really is not noticeable.
Once you have finished cutting, make sure all the tassels are folded down as shown above.Next, fold the entire strip in half two times.Roll the strip until it forms a tassel, shown below. 
If you chose to use wire, wrap around the top portion of your tassel a couple times, form a loop, and continue wrapping until the top is secure. Be sure the loop is secured under your wrap and won't come loose.
 If you chose cord, tie a secure double-knot around the top of the tassel, making sure to leave a few inches of extra cord on your loose end, as shown below. This extra string will be used to form your loop. Leave the other end still attached to your roll of cord. After you have made a knot, take the excess cord and form a loop over the top of the tassel. While holding it in place, wrap the attached side of the cord over this and around the top multiple times until you feel that it is secured. Hold down the end of your string and hot glue it down. I'm sure there are better, prettier way to do this, and wire may be preferred so no glue shows, but this is what I found easiest. Let those babies dry!
When you are done you should have cute little, hang-able tassels!

Lastly, loop each tassel through your cord or wire in whatever pattern you like. Add in whatever you want! (The pic below is a store bought one)
And DONE! Hang it up above your bed, use it for table decor at a party, or these would even make super cute classroom decorations. I am going to try a patterned tissue paper and a metallic gold tissue paper on the next one I make. Send me pictures if you try this DIY! As always, thank you so much for reading! Feel free to always share my posts on Facebook or Pinterest. There is a "share" button at the bottom of every post that will let you share to any social media platform. If you have any questions you can leave a comment below or email me in the sidebar. And don't forget to subscribe! :)

PSA: Your living room may end up looking something like THIS until you are done. Haha!
 All photos are my own.
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