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100 Shows & Movies to Binge This Halloween

Monday, October 24, 2016

I love horror movies! Like I loveeee all things creepy and strange on the television or in books and short stories. Haunted houses real scary things make me a total weenie, so I still to media. In honor of Halloween coming up, I decided to list all of my favorite creepy shows and movies. I got a little carried away and couldn't narrow it down, so I made a list of 100! This list includes both movies and shows, from family friendly G-rated, to "why did I watch that? I am never going to sleep again!" thrillers. Most, but not all of these are on Netflix! I hope you carve a great pumpkin, drink some spiked cider, and cuddle up to enjoy!What are you scary movie favorites??

  1. Hemlock Grove- think Twilight but more sci-fi and less lovey dovey
  2. The Babadook 
  3. Harry Potter- obviously
  4. West World- this is a new show on HBO and it is WILD
  5. Stranger Things- 80's pop culture, thriller
  6. The Gift
  7. How To Get Away With Murder
  8. Bates Motel
  9. Dexter- incredibly addicting, never knew I could love a serial killer
  10. It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
  11. Gone Girl
  12. Black Mirror-season 3 just came out, but you can watch in any order, each ep. is unconnected
  13. American Horror Story- my absolute favorite show, but season's 1 & 3 are the best!
  14. The Addams Family
  15. Coralin- almost too creepy to be a kids movie!
  16. Escape To Witch Mountain
  17. Would You Rather
  18. Dark Skies-I hate aliens, screw alien movies, this was scary as sh*t
  19.  Friday The 13th
  20. Trick 'r Treat- cheesy but a must!
  21. The Possession
  22. Scream
  23. Scary Movie (All of them!)
  24. Occulus
  25. 10 Cloverfield Lane- watch Cloverfield Lane too...not a sequel but they are connected.
  26. Heathers
  27. Practical Magic 
  28. The Walking Dead
  29. The Twilight Zone
  30.  Scream Queens-Emma Roberts is the Regina George of horror
  31. Are You Afraid of the Dark?
  32. Halloween
  33. Children of The Corn
  34. Rosemary's Baby-a classic!
  35. American Pyscho
  36. Hocus Pocus-this should be on repeat the entire month of October, honestly.
  37. The Nightmare Before Christmas-loved this movie as a child, still do!
  38. Halloweentown- the original is the best, but the others are acceptable
  39. Casper
  40. The Worst Witch-before HP there was Mildred Hubble! Terrible quality, but a must!
  41. Teen Witch
  42. Under Wraps- totally underrated
  43.  Mom's Got a Date With A Vampire
  44. Phantom of The Megaplex
  45. Don't Look Under The Bed 
  46. The Little Vampire
  47. Scooby-Doo! And the Witches Ghost- The Hex Girls were GOALS!
  48. Darknet
  49. The Inivitation
  50. Shutter Island- wait what did I just watch??
  51. The Following
  52. Gremlins- does anyone else think Gremlins and Furbies are suspiciously similar?? 
  53. The Conjuring- best horror movies of the 2000's in my opinion
  54. The Visit- this is super scary but I also laughed my butt off majority of the movie
  55. Neon Demon
  56. The Witch- demonic and unsettling, I felt like I needed to go read the Bible after
  57. American Mary
  58. The Fourth Kind- SCREWWWWWWW THIS MOVIE.
  59. Jaws
  60. The Exorcist
  61. Mama- if your kid has an imaginary friend, maybe don't watch this haha
  62. Let The Right One In
  63. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre- I mean of course!
  64. The Silence of The Lambs
  65. Evil Dead-THE GROSSEST, only horror movie that I almost quit watching
  66. Poltergesit
  67. The Butterfly Effect
  68. Carrie
  69. It Follows
  70. The Shinig
  71. E.T.- screw this movie too
  72. The Omen
  73. Little Nemo's Adventures In Slumberland- not very well known & pretty dark for a kid's movie
  74. The Ring
  75. Frankenstein
  76. The Descent
  77. The Eye
  78. Orphan
  79. You're Next- SO good
  80. Hotel Transylvania- super cute family movie!
  81. The Hills Have Eyes
  82. Shutter
  83. Sinister- creepy but so good
  84. Saw (Series)
  85. The Sixth Sense
  86. The Neverending Story
  87. Paranormal Activity- I slept on my parents floor after going to see the first one LOL
  88. The Purge
  89. Twilight- I'm sorry I had to
  90. Cabin In The Woods
  91. Edward Scissorhands
  92. A Nightmare On Elm Street
  93. Dracula- do you have to sleep with the covers up to your neck? Me too.
  94. Monster House
  95. Frankenweenie
  96. The Corpse Bride
  97. Beetlejuice- this movie scared the Hell out of me as a kid
  98. Kiki's Delivery Service
  99. The Knowing
  100. The Amityville Horror

Preserving Pumpkins For Fall Decor

Monday, September 26, 2016

Last Thursday was the first day of fall and I welcomed the season with open arms. Hobby Lobby has had all fall and Christmas decor on 40% off for quite some time now. I picked up a cute scarecrow door hanger for only $12. But my favorite way to start decorating for fall, is by using real pumpkins and gourds. You can get a bag of the gourds like I used for $5 at HEB. I also was so excited to see new pumpkins this year. There are "pink" pumpkins like I got and dark green as well. I love the pink because it looks like something straight out of Cinderella. But it still has a peach/orange tint to it so that you don't stray too far away from true fall colors. If you have a pumpkin patch or farmers market nearby you can probably find even better deals and more options. I don't plan on carving these pumpkins, just setting them out for decoration. If you do plan on carving I would recommend waiting until about two or three weeks before Halloween since the carve pumpkins will decay much faster. 

Left alone. the pumpkins and gourds will last much longer. These are the steps I use to preserve my pumpkins and gourds to help slow down the rotting that I found on this blog through Pinterest. 

You will need: 




Towel or washcloth

Tub or large sink 

 Aside from the pumpkins, you most likely have everything else at home already.

Fill your tub or sink with 10 parts water 1 part bleach and let your pumpkins soak for 5-10 minutes. Don't overdo the bleach or it will eat away at the skin of your pumpkins.

 Wear gloves if you have them so that the bleach does not irritate your skin. You may have to push or hold the small ones under. After 5-10 minutes, let them air dry.

If you plan to paint your pumpkins, skip the next step and go straight to painting. The colors are mine were gorgeous, so I chose to leave them their natural colors.  

With a washcloth or paper towel, buff each pumpkin/gourd with a little Vaseline to moisturize the skin and give it a pretty shine. If there is excess or they are slippery, wipe them down with a clean cloth or paper towel. You don't want them to be sticky or slippery.

And then you're done! Your pumpkins are now clean and shiny and ready to be put to use. I use mine as a centerpiece for my living room table and as random decor around the house. If you follow me, you have probably noticed I have been on a chalkboard paint kick. I picked up this chicken wire/chalkboard hanger at the Round Top Antique Fair last year. It has been loaded down with pictures and memories but I never got around to writing or drawing anything on the chalkboard side. Here's what I ended up doing! I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. I hope you found this post useful and happy fall y'all!



Six Flags Fiesta Texas 2016 Fright Fest

Friday, September 23, 2016

I've been a fan of horror movies and scary things for as long as I can remember. Something about scary movies is so funny to me. When most people are screaming I'm usually laughing. One of my favorite shows of all time is American Horror Story. And in college for my design class I had to create a magazine and my entire theme was horror. But put me in a haunted house or in front of a scary costume and I will lose my sh*t! It's just TOO real and too up close and personal for me. I went to the House of Torment in Austin one year and closed my eyes the entire time, hanging onto my friend's hand for guidance. Funny side note, the actors are not supposed to touch you but one of my friends gave them permission to prank me. My friend let go of my hand and when I turned around to regrab it I was holding the hand of a dead pirate. There was screaming and panic. LOL! So when I got invited to go to the early VIP night of Six Flag's Fright Fest I was STOKED. Slightly nervous, but stoked. I honestly was blown away by how elaborate everything was. I mean the costumes, the props, the actors, the affects. Everything was amazing they seriously go all out. There was scary music, strobe lights. and fog. So much fog! And they left the park pretty dark so even just walking between houses was creepy!  Each area had Scare Zones outside. The scariest to me were the zombies and the clowns. Clowns are just eerie no matter what. Jumping around and laughing with their crazy eyes, it's just unsettling. There was one puppet clown who disturbed me the most because he looked so inhuman. I'm sorry to inform you guys that I am a huge wimp and did NOT go into the 3D Clown house. I mean clowns is one thing but in 3D?! I don't think my heart could handle it. But nothing scares me more than...ZOMBIES. I don't know where Six Flag's gets their actors from but these people looked and acted straight out of The Walking Dead. I mean they had the slumped walk and sprint and hissing down to perfection. It was horrifying. And my fear was obvious when about four of them circled me and left me sprinting away. The zombies were part of the RockKill High School haunted house which was by FAR the scariest and most popular attraction! You go through different settings of the school such as the lab and the locker room. The coach was creepy! Buried Alive was probably the most unique attraction. You go "down" an elevator shaft and walk through an old mining shaft. Everyone inside is dead and gears come out at you! My friend said she thought they threw saw dust or something similar on her at one point when she went. All the houses are so different!

Haunted Houses:

Buried Alive

Buried Alive exposes eerie tunnels and passageways long forgotten beneath Crackaxle Canyon. As you descend into the bowels of the abandoned mine via a rusty, corroded elevator shaft, your mistake becomes all-too apparent. Step through the hall of maggots before witnessing the evening finales, a bizarre satanic ritual at the skeleton alter.   

Torture Chamber

Torture Chamber, in Spassburg, is a dark and decaying medieval reminder of how far twisted henchmen will go to extract your most terrifying fears and phobias. Around each horrifying, scream-filled corridor in a castle dungeon, you'' encounter pure evil as deranged sub-humans seemingly enjoy inflicting pain as they mutilate their terrified prey!

RockKill High School

Back from the dead with an even more horrific ending is RockKill High School! Would anyone dare stop by abd visit the most horrific haunted house in RockKill? The walking dead roam the halls of RockKill High School in hopes to tear away at fresh brains and flesh. This gory haunted house features the bloodiest undead creatures waiting for guests at every corner.

Slaughterhouse 6

A barn-full of screams and terror in Crackaxle Canyon where no one makes it out alive! See your food chain too up-close-and-personal, as creatures are led to slaughter where mistakes occur with alarming frequency.  

Fear House 3D

A frighteningly 3D crazed-clown filled maze with nightmareish illusions. A dark, twisted circus of horrors with insane clowns who roam the halls waiting for new souls to prey on. This demented haunted house is a nightmare come to life filled with illusions that will makes even the sanest guests lose their minds.

You can find out all the dates and buy tickets on the Six Flags Fright Fest website!

I'm not sure whose grandma that is but she was brave!

 This witch kept following us around, so I finally told her to hop in the picture with Wilson, haha!

As for the Chupacabras, I thought they were pretty cute in a weird way. They reminded me of Lilo and Stitch. Maybe if Stitch and a gremlin had a baby. And he made this growling noise that sounded like purring! These guys were the most mild and my favorite. Haha!

Fright Fest also has shows and a kid-friendly Looney Tunes trick-or-treat trail. These weren't open yet but I really want to go back to watch the shows! The Haunted Houses are not recommended for children 12 and under, so the Looney Tunes trail would be great for those of you with little ones.

Special thank you to Emerald Kailoni and Six Flags Fiesta Texas for inviting me to the VIP night. I had so much fun and highly encourage all adrenaline and fear junkies to check it out ASAP! You won't regret it, and hopefully you are braver than me. ;) Thanks for reading, and don't forget to suscribe!

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