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Stout's Food Truck

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I'm fascinated by Food Trucks. I don't know if it's because I watch way too much Food Network in my spare time, or because back home the closest thing to food trucks I had experienced was the beloved Gordito Truck that came to every Western Days. (My home town's yearly festival/fair it's a Southern thing) But something about food trucks is so exciting to me. Maybe it just means I'm a fatty. I'm ok with all of these reasons. Once I moved to San Marcos I was flabbergasted that entire blocks were devoted to food trucks. Same thing in Austin. And now, my home, San Antonio.

I didn't visit them too many times before, let's face it, the convenience of it all means way higher prices than normal. But it's just so darn delicious. I am #blessed and at the same time cursed because there are an array of food trucks that visit my work twice every week. My body and my bank account are not happy about it.

But what can I say, I cannot resist temptation every time, sometimes I cave for the delicious fried foods. I'M NOT THAT STRONG. So I thought I would do my fellow locals, or tourists, a favor and map out my favorite thus far. First on the list, well obviously, it had to be pizza. Pizza is so good I don't think it can really be messed up, but there are an elite few who truly know how to make it magical. Stout's is one place that knows exactly how to do that.

So like a few others, Stout's has a restaurant and is not just a truck. But they do cook all their pizzas fresh in the truck and it amazes me how perfect they always manage to come out. The workers always remember me, I think that's so sweet. You always see people in movies or sitcoms who are regulars somewhere and I guess that's the relationship I am building with Stout's. How adorable.

In the food truck they serve personal pizzas, but these things are more than big enough for me to split with another person. I have tried the Chicken Bacon Ranch, Pepperoni Jalapeno, the Margherita, and the William Chris. The William Chris has roma tomatoes, garlic, shredded mozarella, jalapenos, Stout's signature pepperoni, bacon, Italian sausage, and drizzle of ranch dressing. Amazing.

All of them were equally yummu, but I have to say after last time, the Margherita was the one to really steal the show for me. I loveeeeeeee fresh tomatoes. I love basil. I love mozzarella. All this on my favorite food, pizza, was just a total success. They also have some killer pizza rolls!

What's your favorite food truck? Let me know in the comments or shoot me an email. I love trying new places. Stay tuned for more food truck or restaurant reviews in the future, you can subscribe to my updates in the right hand menu. Thanks for reading!
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