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Monday, July 25, 2016

I posted my last manicure on Instagram and got a couple comments about what this shiny stuff on my nails was. While booking my last nail appointment at Emme Nail Spa I noticed their website advertised that they now offer glass nails. I had never heard of glass nails before so I took to Instagram to find out. Surprisingly, my hashtag search did not turn up much. But once I Googled glass nails I found several articles on the new nail art trend. I was immediately captivated. Here is a good article from InStyle on the details of how this crazy idea came about. But basically, you get shellac polish and after your color is applied they put teeny tiny strips of cellophane in various patterns on top of your nail. Then they seal it with your clear top coat. The final product leaves your nails looking textured and shiny, something I've never seen anything like. Picture mini disco balls on all of your fingers. I wanted them like yesterday!

So turns out the process is a little more tedious than the article explained, but Emme Spa was so great about accommodating me. I felt so bad because they called in another girl to make sure they were done correctly by her but without taking three hours to do. The pieces are not pre-cut and they have to make sure they are small enough so that they don't hang off your nail. My manicurist skillfully placed all the pieces on my nails in abstract patterns. What I did not expect was she had to apply a top coat, dry, file, repeat, about a million times. Although it took a while I appreciated her perfectionist habits in the end because my nails are smooth. If she had only done a couple coats they would of been bumpy and I would of picked at them or snagged on something. Another lady did my pedicure at the same time and y'all I was out of there in an hour and a half!

Sidenote: if you live in SA I cannot recommend them enough. You book online in advance or you can call, but I have never once had to wait once I arrived with an appointment. Every other salon I've been too has made me feel awkward or like I'm bothering them when I ask them to fix something. Emme is not like that at all. I have had multiple different employees work on me and every single one was equally friendly and talented.

When I was finished everyone was ooing and ahhing over how beautiful they turned out. They had only done them on neutral colors and I chose a bright pink. The color turned out really flattering with the iridescent cellophane. So I am now two weeks out from this appointment and my shellac is still on great. No chipping or peeling. I have gotten loads of compliments on them, and I am still completely hypnotized/distracted by my finger nails! I would call your salon ahead to make sure they offer this nail art since it is fairly new in the U.S.

They can do patterns or stack them on in layers or sporadically like mine for an abstract look. You can put them over any color. These pictures make my nails look tangerine but the color was actually more of a hot pink. The cellophane over the pink made it a really girly Barbie look, which I love. But the look can completely change with the color. I think a neutral white or light mauve would make this a really classy and cleaner look, while a black or dark blue underneath would make for a bold statement nail. Personally, I love my bright pink and I think these make for the perfect summer nails! I have constantly been stopped and asked at the grocery check out and my work what I had on my nails. Send me pictures if you decide to try it out, or comment or email if you have any questions!

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