Friday The 13th - 13 Bingeworthy Shows

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

In honor of this month's Friday the 13th, I thought about giving you guys a list of horror movies, but my October post on 100 Shows & Movies To Binge This Halloween  pretty much covered all of my favorites. So instead, I compiled a list of some of my favorite twisted shows from the past couple of years. Some of these are old and some are fairly new! Of course there are a million others I would like to include but these shows really hook you in and will have you burning through a season a day. Disclaimer: Please do a little research before watching to see if it interests you. I will warn you that some of these are definitely R rated!

1. West World- If a Western and the matrix and the purge had a lovechild it would result in West World. I don't even want to say too much to give anything away because I think this show is best enjoyed going in watching it the same way you will finish watching it: having no damn clue what the hell just happened.
2. Black Mirror- This show is great for those who get bored of the same show. There are three seasons currently and every episode is its own unique story. There is no connection between episodes, they can be watched in any order. Black Mirror gives a dark glimpse into what our future could possibly hold if humanity continues with it's rapid jumps in technology and desensitization. It's like nothing else I have ever watched.

3. American Horror Story- I would be extremely surprised to meet someone who hasn't watched at least one episode or season of AHS, but if you happen to be that someone then I cannot recommend this show enough. It is not for the faint of heart, it has twists, gore, and disturbing scenes. Talk to any AHS fan and they will likely tell you that Seasons: Murder House and Coven are the best. You can watch these seasons in any order, but I would start at the beginning. There are some sneaky connections and theories.

4. Shameless- If you ever feel like your life is a mess, watch one episode of Shameless and you will feel so put together and organized. This show is a dark comedy focusing on a family with an alcoholic dad, bi-polar, addict mom, and a slew of kids trying to keep it together. The best word I can use to describe it? Chaos.

5. How To Get Away With Murder- Murder mystery fan? Scandal fan? This show will never leave you bored. Annalise Keating, law professor, and her five students become mixed up in a murder. The plot thickens and throws twists at you constantly to keep you hooked and guessing.

6. Dexter- Ugh. If there was one show I could request more seasons from Dexter would be it. Dexter is a blood spatter analyst for the Miamai PD. He's also a serial killer. But Dexter only kills the bad guys and you will find yourself falling in love with this murderer as you watch him grow in life, debate the ethics of his hobbies, and well...murder.

7. Hemlock Grove-This one is for my Twilight and Sci-Fi fans. Hemlock Grove takes an entirely new spin on mythical werewolves and vampires, or in this show Upirs, along with a biomedical center creating some scary things owned by the wealthy Godfrey family. If you like AHS you will most likely love Hemlock Grove.

8. The 100- All civilization on Earth has been destroyed and humans have taken to space. But it seems that things on their living ship, the Arc, are not going as well as the leaders have led them to believe. The Arc sends 100 juvenile prisoners back to Earth to see if it is habitable after all these years. What the 100 learn is Earth is a lot more occupied than they thought.

9. Stranger Things- Did you see anyone on Halloween running around in a pink dress and carrying Eggo frozen waffles? If you did and were confused (like many people by my costume) then you witnessed someone dressed up as Eleven from Stranger Things! This was my costume this year at work, as seen in my photo. Stranger Things is an 80's pop culture themed mystery. When a young boy goes missing from his home in 1983, and search for him results in the finding of some very unnatural occurrences and one strange little girl.

10. Orange Is The New Black- There's nothing supernatural about OITNB, but if you are comfortable with a few lesbian scenes, stabbings, and drug abuse this show is its own kind of magic. Piper Chapman is suddenly sentenced to a women's prison when a drug run from her youth catches up to her. OITNB takes your into the life of these prisoners and introduces you to crazy characters you can't help but adore. The show is actually based on the novel by the real Piper.

11. Narcos- Narcos is about the infamous Pablo Escobar and drug cartel and the DEA agent hunting him. Majority of the show is in Spanish, but with the subtitles its easy to completely forget you are watching something in another language.

12. The Crown- The Crown details the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s to the present. The show begins before the passing of King George VI and follows through as she takes the thrown at only 25 years old and tells the story of her life. The filming is AMAZING.

13. Chef's Table- And last but NOT least in any way is Chef's Table. If you are like me and can watch Chopped, Iron Chef, or the Food Network period for hours at a time you will be blown away by Chef's Table. Each episode focuses on one chef. Their background, their dishes, their methods. The featured chefs are from all of over the world. This is one of the most beautifully filmed shows in the food category. Prepare to be completely blown away.

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