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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Before I moved into my apartment, and I mean months before, I had my dream bedroom pictured exactly how I wanted. From the curtains to the sheets to the color tones, I knew it all. But just because I had this vision of what I wanted, didn't mean everything was easy to find. I am a strong believer that a room's perfect look will come together over time. If you are bent on redecorating and finishing a room within one weekend you can easily end up over-spending and buying things without putting enough thought into them. Take my bathroom for example. I wasn't really sure what direction I wanted to go in but I had it in my head I MUST buy a rug. I kept looking for the print and length I knew I wanted but was rushing myself. I almost bought several rugs, but they weren't what I loved. I ended up just buying a cheapo Walmart rug and now only three months later it's unraveling and falling apart. But hey that's totally ok! I know I didn't put much money into it and until I find what I really want it will do its job just fine of keeping my feet warm in the mornings. The point is, don't rush it and don't splurge on things you don't truly love. You get what you pay for, so when you finally find that piece you've been dreaming of, it's ok to invest in something you know you will have for a long time.

Growing up and even in college I've always had really colorful bedrooms. I really wanted something that I won't grow tired of after a year and that's soothing. I decided on an all neutral color scheme with one colorful painting that managed to sneak in.


Pillows & Sheets

All of my linens are white. My mom told me I was crazy for that but I don't think there is anything more comfortable in the world than a big white fluffy comforter. And if they get dirty, bleach!! I carefully chose what I invested my money in and bedding was high on the list. I got Becky Cameron sheets. And Sleep for Success! pillows. These sheets are so soft and don't shrink when I wash them on hot. They also never wrinkle. Even when I get lazy and leave them sitting in the dryer for an hour...or two. And they are on sale for only $30, originally $115! I know $40-50 for a pillow just sounds ridiculous but getting beauty sleep is important my dear, and I need comfort. If you happen to be looking for a new pillow let me just tell you I tried out and took back a few and I can now positively say this is the best pillow to ever exist. Ever. Don't fight me on this. I'm serious, go buy it and in a week you can email me about how thankful you are to me for changing your life. I use the side sleeper version in standard/queen.

My throw pillows are kind of from here and there and everywhere. TJ Max, Target, Walmart, Hobby Lobby. I didn't want it all to be perfectly matched, I just wanted it to blend.


My comforter is also from Target. I have had several duvets in the past because the designs I fell in love with just happened to be duvets. I have finally gotten to the point where I have zero patience left for them. There is no fun way to shove the down comforter back in and the corners always seem to still fall down. I'm sure there is a Martha Stewart video somewhere that has a great trick on this but my duvet days are done. I found this simple white comforter and kept coming back to it. Finally, the DAY I moved in to my apartment I purchased it. It's lightweight and airy but still warm. The best part is I can just throw it in the wash. And if it gets stained? Bleach! It comes in several other colors!

Faux Fur Throw

And my favoriteeeeee part of my bedding. The WARMEST, softest, most incredible fur throw of all time. OH. MY. GOSH. If I could marry this blanket I probably would. Now before anyone yells at me, NO, it is not real fur. I'm not a monster. It is a polyester and modacrylic blend. I got mine in caramel ombre. I realized it is on the pricier side, but like I said, it's ok to invest in long term things that you truly love. Not to mention I snuggle under this thing every night. SIZE?????

And I have to be transparent with y'all, no my bed it not perfectly made every day. Sometimes there are clothes thrown on top of it from getting ready that morning. And of course, I sleep with my BFF pillow-pet Moose. :)


Bed & Headboard

A tufted headboard is one of the pieces I just knew I really wanted in my bedroom. Something about having material instead of wood just makes the whole area look so much softer, cozier, and welcoming. I got this one at Target. I actually bought the full bed, but you can buy the headboard separately. If you are interested in the whole bed, let me just say that I ended up getting a $40 bed-frame to use instead and pushed it up against my headboard. There's nothing wrong with the frame that came with it, in fact its gorgeous. But I live in a 700 sq foot apartment and it took up WAY too much room. The frame sticks out several inches and there was barely room for me to stand between my dresser and bed. So that lovely thing is in storage until I have a bigger space one day.

Mirrored Nightstands


If you keep a close eye on lifestyle or decor blogs, Instagram, or Pinterest, I'm sure you have noticed the rising popularity in mirrored furniture. I think it's a classy and gorgeous finish. Growing up my Mom and Nana would always add mirrors to every room because it gives the appearance of more space. This couldn't be more needed in my tiny bedroom and I love that my mirrored nightstands look like they belong and don't crowd the room. So two things I was worried about for mirrored nightstands were 1) How clean do they stay? and 2) Holy S**T this stuff is expensive.

So to answer my first worry, they stay really clean!! I wipe them down with Windex once a week and they're good to go. They honestly don't collect much dust. The biggest issue I have with them is if I leave a water bottle they'll get a cup ring, but this doesn't stain.

And as for my second, yep, mirrored furniture is not cheap y'all! I'll be honest I searched and hunted for several months. Everything I liked was way out of budget and the cheaper websites seemed untrustworthy. Finally, around Christmas, I found a great deal at Kirklands. The nightstands I had my eye on for a while went on sale for half off, so I was able to buy two for the price of one and it was still reasonably priced. Unfortunately they are sold out online now, but I linked some similar ones and some others I really like. I was really picky and wanted a completely closed piece. That way I have more storage and less area to decorate.



My dresser is a very special piece. I had no idea where to even begin looking but I knew I wanted something old and distressed looking, and in a neutral color. I don't know about y'all but I'm over college particle board furniture that falls apart and nothing cleans the dust off of. I'm a big fan of giving restoring furniture but when my Nana first approached me with this dresser and the idea that she could make it pretty again I have to say I was skeptical. I mean this thing, a once lovely and still studry wooden dresser had been sitting in her barn for who knows how many years. It was covered in dirt, dust, layers of unidentified dry liquids. This thing was in SAD shape. But she bleached it, scrubbed it, sanded it, painted it, sanded it, sealed it, I don't even know what magical powers she pulled out. But it came out PERFECT. She added some glass draw pulls and it is absolutely a masterpiece. It was the perfect piece to pull my whole room together and gave it that special something. I tell my Nana all the time she needs to start selling these things, but she does it out of love and selling them would take the fun out of it for her. I found some pieces that are similar and linked them. Let me know if y'all would be interested in a DIY on distressing furniture.

I linked everything else at the bottom!

Let me know if there is anything else y'all want me to link and if I can't find it I will try to find something similar. I get a lot of my decor from craft and antique fairs.  You can always email me your comments or questions in the side bar! :)
Thanks for spending part of your day with me and looking at my little nest.

All photos are my own.


Tufted Headboard
Fur Blanket
Leather Throw Pillow
Similar White & Gold Dots Pillow 
Similar Fur Throw Pillow 
Textured Cream Throw Pillow
Mirrored Nightstand & Similar:1, 2, 3, 4
Similar Dressers:1, 2, 3, 4 (for ideas)
Chicken Wire Jewelry Holder Similar:1, 2, 3, 4
Pineapple Jewelry Dish  & Similar: 1
The two tier jewelry dish is also from Target but older
Gold mirrored tray and picture frames- TJ Max
Jewelry Box- JC Penny's
Flowers are fakes (GASP I KNOW) from Hobby Lobby
Painting is also from Hobby Lobby but I could not find it online

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